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September 29, 2010

Email is one of the most powerful online marketing tools that you can use to manage your reputation. Once you have a way of collecting email addresses, you’ll be able to create a database of email contacts that you can use to activate potential customers, colleagues, family and friends.

Keep Your Emails Short and To the Point

People are bombarded with emails these days, so it’s best if you keep your emails short and to the point. Make your subject line enticing and punchy so that recipients will bee interested to open your email and read more. However, inside the email it’s best to keep it to 300 words or less and provide links where your recipients can click to read more details.

Don’t Waste Too Much Time with Design

There are many free email marketing programs available online that enable you to design sharp looking emails with headings, footers and html to catch your readers attention. However so many businesses are using these types of emails now a days that it can be easy to see the pretty layout and click delete. Instead, try sending out emails with just your logo and a few captivating sentences in the body that will inspire people to click on your links and learn more about your business.

Keep Track of Who Clicks

If you have Google Analytics set up on your blog or website, when you send out an email marketing campaign you’ll be able to see easily the people that clicked the link in your email and came to your site. Then you can determine the ratio of people who received your email and the number of people who clicked the link. There are also more sophisticated ways that you can keep track of who clicked and opened your email if you use one of the email marketing services available online that has advanced tracking and monitoring.

Manage Your Contacts Effectively

Another way that you can increase the number of people who click the links in your emails is to segment your list of contacts effectively. For example, you may have a list with people who speak different languages, or with male and female customers who prefer different products. Perhaps age is relevant to your business or education, segment your list according to the characteristics of your clients that will shape the body of your email. Then send out emails that are tailored to that group. This way you’ll be able to create several different targeted messages and further inspire your customers to click.

Email marketing can be one of the best ways to get your potential customers or clients to know more about your business and brand. What’s most important is that you use this powerful too effectively. Take the time to organize your contacts and come up with an effective email for each group of people and you’ll be sure to see your online reputation improve.


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