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October 07, 2010

Many people overlook one of the best ways online to improve your businesses' reputation -- Google Maps. Today Google Maps is like the yellow pages for businesses, so if your business isn't listed there you're sure to be losing some valuable real estate. In addition, having your business listed with Google Maps will insure that when someone types the name of your business into Google, your business will come up first, greatly improving your Google CV and online reputation.

One of the first things you need to do in order to get your business listed in Google maps is to go to the Google Maps website and search for your business. Sometimes your business will already be listed, so you'll just need to edit the details and make sure that they are correct. If your business isn't already in Google Maps, you'll want to go to the Google places home page and "Add your business". In order to verify that the business is in fact yours, Google will send you a secret PIN via snail mail or telephone.

The Google Maps listing is far more interactive than you would expect. In addition to the name, telephone number and address of your business, you can add the link to your businesses' website, links to videos and photos and more. This will create another central hub that connects all of the important information about your business in one place and improves your Google CV and search engine ranking once again.

Sometimes people think that because their business isn't a shop or store that they don't have a place for it on Google Maps -- but don't shut out your opportunity to be in Google Maps too quickly. Every business has an address, even virtual businesses, and you can still use Google Maps for your virtual business by claiming your home address or other business address on the map.


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