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November 18, 2010

Making hit viral videos and gaining lots of followers for your work isn't easy, but it also isn't a mystery. If you put dedicated, strategic efforts into your videos and your marketing, you'll be able to build a powerful video presence that can help you bring your message and your brand to thousands of new people. In this article, we'll outline some of the most basic building blocks for creating and running a successful YouTube video channel and online presence.

Pick an Audience

When you're getting ready to launch a video campaign or online video presence, you need to be clear about what audience you are trying to reach and make sure that you will produce content that will make people click and be of interest to them. For example, if you want to reach small business owners, you'll want to produce plenty of videos about how to build your business. This is definitely a strong sector to pick in the video department, considering that people really enjoy watching "How-To" videos and learning via video about how they can do things online that will improve their business.

Plan Your Video

One you have a solid idea about who you want to target, it's time to write your idea out clearly and create a script and sketch out a story board. This script and story board will help you know exactly what your video will look like and help you take into consideration many different aspects of your video project. For example, you need to consider not only the what your video will say, but how it will be said. You need to consider the visuals and how they will work with your sound. 

There will also be different types of visuals in your video. For example, if you're doing a "How-To" video you'll want an title page with your brand and the title of your video project. Once the cameras start rolling, you might want to do a brief introduction so your audience becomes familiar with you and your brand. Then, it's best if you launch into the meat of your video and at the end thank people for watching and encourage them to visit your site, sign up for emails about upcoming videos or other action based ideas. When you end your video, put a closing page with your contact information and your brand. This way you'll be sure to get people to take action.

Invest in Basic Video Recording Equipment

While it might seem like a big commitment, one of the best things you can do to insure that your videos will attraced and keep audiences is to invest in some descent video equipment -- it will also make your life much easier, as filming on your laptop camera can be very difficult. In addition to a camera, you should consider microphones, since sound is one of the most important aspects of creating high quality videos that will improve your reputation.  

Edit Your Video

Today most computers with a camera, also come with editing software. However, if your computer doesn't it should be relatively easy to find affordable video editing software online. Editing your video and making sure that it is succinct is very important. You also may want to add some still pictures, screencasts or music to your video -- all additions to your raw video which will need to be edited in.

Promote Your Work Across Platforms

Once you've finished your video, you'll want to promote it across a few different platforms. In addition to uploading it to YouTube with keywords that will attract people to your site, you'll want to share it on facebook and Twitter and possibly send it out in an email marketing campaign.




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