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January 06, 2011

Media for social communication is called Social Media. Manipulating the latest in publishing and communication technology, social media turns communication into interactive dialogues. Businesses use the term consumer generated media (CGM) when associating its techniques for interactions with their customers. A cohesive trend connecting all social media movement is its affect on advertising. Being able to engage their customers within a matter of minutes has proven to be a invaluable tool in marketing and sales. 

Lets take a look at some of the 10 great social media tools in no particular order:

1. Twitter

It’s no surprise that most of us have twitted and twatted our way around using our most up-to-date gadgets. Twitter is a internet website that proposes social networking and mini-blogging use for over 175 million people. Twitter users send messages known as Tweets. Tweets can be seen by anyone using Twitter but can be limited to the Tweeter’s followers. However users may sign-up to others tweets which is known as following, and those who sign-up are known as followers. Its been rumored that Twitter is known as the “SMS” of cyberspace. 

2. Facebook

The social network service introduced in 2004 has launched millions of faces. Facebook has more than 500 million users throughout the world. This is how it works: users construct their own profile, then add on other users as friends and swap messages. Of course there are many other activities like joining groups organized by their school, church etc. It’s intended for individuals 13 years or older if they want to become a Facebook member.

3. University Of The People

Much needed and about time its here--this web-media education crusade has made its goal to “democratize education”. Through an internet campus Univeristy Of The People offers free higher education to students from around the world.

4. Epic Change

As an example for raising money via social media since 2008 its innovative and well, people conscious. By asking those who contribute to tweet about what they have to be thankful for when making a donation, Epic Change has become a web trend that raises funds and improves your organizations' online presence.

5. Social Middleware Platforms

Crowdrise and Jumo are the new middleware platforms for non-profit organizations to help them utilize internet media. 

6. Mobile Media For Fundraising

Mobile internet usage has been increasing with the usage of more powerful gadgets like the smartphone. Fundraising efforts by non-profit organizations using this method will become more popular. 

7. Corporations And Social Good Causes

The web brought about a number of corporations with causes (like breast cancer) by contributing part of their profits. This trend will continue to boom but with more accountability on both parts corporate charity.

8. Twitchange

Twitchange host eBay celebrity memorabilia auctions.

9. Stillerstrong

A celebrity campaign social medium used to contribute money for schools for children in Haiti.

10. Cyber Santa

SMS shopping has been exploding for a while. With all of the new apps available for mobile phones Santa will very soon be out of a job.


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