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March 23, 2011


As a company it is hard to come up with PR campaigns that work and something you can stick too. It is also very important for your company to have at least a couple ideas about how they envision the PR campaigns to go. There will be a couple that will be written here that you can try to use yourself or put your own spin on to fit your company.

One campaign was on the social network Twitter, with a link on the company's site with a fun game. This game inspired people to spread the word about the company without much thought and advertise for the company for free simply because they wanted to share the game. All it takes is a creative way of having people use your product or service as a social outlet to allow them to praise your name without them even knowing it.

Another social networking campaign was a progressively growing coupon. This coupon's amount grew larger and larger each time someone liked their product and signed up for the coupon. Thus, the fan base grew and grew in order to reach a financial goal. This is a great way of improving your campaign by allowing people to not only get a discount on your product but getting the word out on your company as well. Many people are more than willing to help spread the word of your company as long as they can receive some benefit in return. 

Using social networking as a public relations campaign launcher is a great way to get people interested in your company and improve your reputation. You can specifically reach out to your specific target market and let it grow from there. This can improve your reputation and your overall market by allowing the internet to do your marketing for you.


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