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April 27, 2011


Managing your reputation can lead to lots of good publicity and connections with other businesses and potential clients. But some company's reputations can take them even farther, and now Google has been given the status of "The Best Reputation in the World" by Harris Interactive, a US based company. 

According to Harris' sophisticated rating system, Google beat out Johnson & Johnson for the best reputation, as well as 3M, Apple and other highly well regarded brands and companies. The status of "Best Reputation" was awarded by Harris after conducting a survey of 30,000 Americans on their opinions of the 60 "mot visible companies" in the USA. The survey groups responded to six categories that mattered most to the firm's reputation "emotional appeal, products, services, social responsibility, vision and leadership."

The technology sector had increasingly high reputations, with Apple and Facebook, among others, coming in the top 50. Over the past decade, the technology sector has become one of the most favorable as people interact with technology brands on a daily basis and many of the companies have some element of democratic participation. Additionally, unlike other companies that produce hard products, technology companies have less chance to create reputation disasters like oil and gas companies or other companies that's work negatively impacts the environment. 

One of the best ways to improve your company's reputation is surely to enter different competitions for best brand, best product and other categories. These kind of competitions can be found easily online simply by searching and can provide your company with an opportunity to compete, beat out and shine other competition. Additionally, people love to see quotes from former and current clients and testimonies from their experience with your company. This boosts consumer confidence and improves your company's online reputation.



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