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May 15, 2011

You’re getting ready for that big job interview or presentation. You’ve sent your application in and now you know that your company or name is going to be Googled. Unfortunately, when you were back in college, you took a few too many pictures and posted some “funny” comments on your friends blogs. Now, every time you search your name on Google the bad links are showing up. So what to do? Can you eliminate or erase content from Google. Unfortunately, the answer is no. There is no way to remove content from Google. On the other hand, good, new content you put online will also not be removed. So how do you get that good content to take over the bad content?

SEO isn’t just about improving traffic to your website, it’s also about building your Google CV. Whether you have a lack of content online or negative content, there are a number of secondary sources that are high ranking on Google. When you fill in profiles on these websites, they push weaker results down and secure your reputation on your Google CV. One of the highest ranking secondary sites that you can put your information on is LookupPage. LookupPage was especially designed in order to be high ranking in Google, so when you put your information there – very quickly you will find it generating positive links and positive of PR – pushing the negative content down to the bottom.

There are many aspects to a Google CV. Of course, the most obvious is the overall web view where a few images and videos will be shown as well. However, it’s very important, when you are checking your Google CV, to check all of the different pages behind Google and other search engines. For example, images, videos, blogs, news, scholar and so on. Where you have links, will determine what kind of impression you make on potential clients – depending on what type of brand or company you are, you’ll want to target different parts of the search engine.

For example, if you are a photography company, you’ll want to insure that when you type your company name or related keywords ie San Francisco photographer, that pictures from your company and representing your brand show up. If you manage to monitor the links on your website and what you contribute to other websites, you’ll be able to easily improve the results in the image section. Each time you submit an image, especially on your website, you’ll be able to write a description and tags. In these places it’s most important to write your company name and other keywords, so that they will show up in the results.

Another example is with video. Google video now tracks all of the different videos on the web and compiles them in one place. However, it doesn’t compile and treat video from every location the same. If you want to insure that your video will show up in the web results, you must insure that the tags on the video and the title are related to the keywords that you are targeting. Video makes an especially good impression as a few videos will show up at the top of Google immediately, taking up some of the most precious advertising real estate in the world – real estate that isn’t for sale, but for strategic usage. `


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