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May 04, 2011


There are many different ways to do public relations online, but real-time public relations is a whole new ball-game. While press conferences have become more popular online, today will mark the first ever real-time performance of a play!

A remake of a Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing, will become the newest social media experiment and will bring facebook fans together to view the play. This real time experiment is also a great way for the two founding organizations to generate positive publicity, reach out to new potential supporters and bring attention to the important issue of privacy -- especially on facebook. 

According to Read, one of the sponsoring organizations, this is the plot synopsis:

Much Ado is a romantic comedy that showcases villainy at its most vicious as an innocent girl’s reputation is damaged by lies and deception. The play also features the memorable characters of Beatrice and Benedick, who start out at each other’s throats and then act out a romantic plot of their own.

In addition to showing the play online, the group has created facebook profiles for each of the characters and gives them an online persona for fans to interact with. This is a great way to fictionalize facebook and a new way of using social media -- always exciting and buzz worthy for online users and a great way to build a positive reputation online

Lastly, the project asks users to be super interactive and change their facebook news feed settings to show posts from all your friends and pages -- this will insure that users get the "full theater experience" and is a great way to insure that their message will get into other supporters news feeds. 



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