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May 27, 2011

Ask ten different people what their ten favorite marketing tools are and you are more than likely to get ten different answers. While marketing tactics are all essentially the same, you are going to see variations on the same theme depending on the type of business doing the marketing. Along with those variations, marketing tools will be given different priorities depending, again, on the type of business being marketed.

Search engine positioning will always have a high priority because the majority of the people using the internet use search engines to find what they want. In that same vein, tag lines are used as marketing tools to help your message stand out to the consumers who are using search engines. Once the consumer gets to your web site, you will find that a well designed website is one of the best marketing strategies you can have. Getting a press release out to the public has also been proven to be an effective marketing tool.

Using marketing tools such as Google Analytics is essential regardless of what type of business you have. Analyzing and tracking your customer base is essential if you want to keep them. Something as simple as sending regular e-mails will also help you retain customers as they are reminded of what you have to offer. Using optimum keyword tracking tools will also help in your marketing strategy because it will keep you updated as to what the most popular keywords are in the type of business you have. Using a social bookmarking toolbar such as StumbleUpon for example will also help drive traffic to your site. Sites such as this are also known as directories and they have a proven track record of improving your online reputation because they are keyword optimized marketing tools.



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