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August 09, 2011


Social networks are real-time news platforms that are transforming the way journalists work. Many people have joined in exploring Google+ as a tool for public relations. Since it is relatively new, features of this social network have yet to be explored and media persons and public relations professionals are still looking for ways to enhance the information they are disseminating. The media has yet to see what Google+ has to offer. In fact, because Google+ is so new it is not yet clear who is on Google+ and what impact it can have on journalists. However, we have derived a few simple ways to capture the attention of Google+ users and media professionals that can help propel your Google+ persona.

Be Experimental
Some companies and organizations have decided to create new profiles, while others have simply adapted their existing profiles on other social networks. At this point, experimenting with new approaches allows companies and organizations to test the best possible features of each social network and choose what is most appealing to the audience that they have cultivated, or wish to cultivate, on the social network. 
Combining Your Online Identities
A good way to get a jump start with Google+ is to bring your Facebook activity into your Google+ account. It is also very easy to get information from your Twitter account and to transfer your contacts to Google+. Like Facebook, this makes it incredibly easy for you to jump start your online reputation and social networking in Google+ by integrating both accounts.  There are also many benefits to using Google+ over Facebook and Twitter. For example, a discussion that starts on Twitter can easily get off topic. However, on Google+ conversations can be more effective because of the way the social network is designed, making it a better tool for public relations and new dissemination.  
More Effective?

Public relations can be more effectively achieved through Google+ since interactions allow journalists to see many conversations related to different news worthy items in one place aggregating the content. This is much more effective than Facebook, which doesn't allow you to search for content across all streams, and is similar to Twitter but allows for more information about each user, making it a more detailed and robust platform for public relations.
Beyond Twitter and Facebook
Another not to be missed feature of Google+ is video chatting. This feature has created a whole new way for people to interact and manage their online reputations via social networks, especially since neither Twitter nor Facebook offer this capability. There have a been a number of new developments that have popped up thanks to this feature and it is taking social networking to a new level, making it just a small bit more personal.
Going from Personal to Professional Creates New Opportunities
Lastly, because Google+ is being used as a professional tool, many journalists are now moving from Facebook to Google+ -- giving them the ability to separate their personal lives and create personal-professional personas on Google+. This gives organizations and companies who want to capture journalist's attention the ability to know a little more about the journalists and target them more accurately. 


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