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September 27, 2011

With just over 43 million members, Google+ is still a minnow in the social media pond. It is however possibly the best way to establish an online brand presence faster and more effectively than ever before.

Having an online brand presence is essential for any business that is serious about doing business on the World Wide Web. While many companies are happy to have a website that is just a marker for their company name, other companies are taking their online brand presence very seriously. The rewards of online marketing, especially for small businesses, are immense. With constant work, and continual SEO tactics you can drive a huge amount of traffic to you website. That traffic is made up of people who are potential clients and customers. People who can be encouraged to buy your products and services. People who can affect your bottom line.

Why have an Online Brand Presence

Establishing a positive online brand presence is not just about establishing your brand. It is about establishing an online reputation within your market and on the internet as a whole. The very nature of the internet can make that difficult to control, which is why you need to make sure that your online reputation is working for you, not against you.

Google+ offers users the chance to put a personal face on their brand, and maintain a constant online brand presence using their new social network. The biggest advantage of Google+ is the ability to stream information to various sectors of your market.

Online Brand Presence and Selling

Conventional marketing companies have finally accepted that online marketing and branding is not a second place choice. While there will always be a place for conventional marketing, the power on the internet cannot be ignored. Businesses are reporting record sales figures using online brand presence and marketing as their first place marketing tool.

People need to feel that the internet can be trusted, which is why SEO and having an online brand presence is so important. Late adopters are inclined to buy only after they have established the bona fides of the company on the internet. That’s why reputation is so important. SEO is not just about great content and keywords. It is an integrated approach using highly specific techniques to establish a trusted online brand presence at the top of the market place.

Google+ may only have 43 million members so far, but most of that growth has been over a period of weeks, not months. Isn’t it time you explored your online brand identity with Google+.



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