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September 30, 2011



Creating an online brand presence is an important facet of marketing. Not only does your brand have to be recognizable it has to deliver value in the eyes of the world. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) offers a range of strategies for the creation and maintenance of your online brand presence that are effective, and most importantly measurable.

Online Brand Presence – The Appliance of Science

SEM is one of the most measurable forms of marketing in the world. This has a huge advantage over traditional forms of advertising and marketing because you are able to respond immediately to change. When it comes to maintaining your online brand presence, reacting to positive change is just as important as reacting to a negative response. The value of your brand is measurable using different types of software. The most common way of measuring your online brand presence is to use Google Analytics. This is an intuitive tracking software package launched by Google to accurately measure and track changes in your online brand presence.

Analyzing your website, social media and blogs is an important tool in planning as well as to increase your online brand presence. You can see how long people stay on your website. Which pages are viewed the most, and how people find your online content.

Enjoy an excellent Online Brand Presence Through Conversion

Online brand presence marketers use SEO as the key to creating excellent content that can be ranked and used to drive traffic to your website. Your page rank can be very high, but if people are only spending a few seconds on your site, then your bounce rate can affect your online brand presence negatively.

One of the surest ways to measure your online brand presence is to check your conversion rate. Of the people that visit your site, how many buy, or click on a link for further information about your products and services? Increasing your conversion rate will increase bottom line sales and the best way to do this is through your online brand presence. A higher conversion rate will ensure that you are making money from your online marketing efforts.

SEO consistently tracks and checks different analytics of your online brand presence to provide the most up to date information about your brand and where you can make changes that have an immediate, visible and measurable result.


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