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September 22, 2011


Own your own social media identity
Managing your online brand presence is an important part of any business model. Not merely confined to marketing and SEO, your online brand presence could be the key to future growth, sales planning and increased productivity and profitability.

Your Online Brand Presence Data

Businesses need to start looking at their online brand presence as a way to gather information and accurate data about the way they are perceived in the marketplace. Many people look at SEO and online marketing as something that ‘has to be done’, but in reality it is an excellent tool that can be used in business planning.

If you can develop a keen sense of where you are right now, you are able to plan ahead and take advantage of trends, opportunities and avoid major pitfalls.

Crowdbooster, is just one software platform that allows you to monitor your social media following, and provide “detailed analytics across Facebook and Twitter” to allow business and marketing people a firm foundation for their planning.

Managing Your Online Brand Presence Is More Than a Status Update

Clever internet marketers realize the full potential of enhanced online visibility and online brand presence. It is not merely a matter of keeping people updated, but about actively engaging an audience of potential customers. Just look at the hundreds of millions of people around the world who use social media sites on a daily basis. Are you prepared to ignore them?

You need to be proactive instead of reactive. Lead trends, create opportunity and above all, listen to what your market is saying. Some businesses don’t even realize that there may be negative comment about their brand and business. Learning how to respond to a negative online reputation can boost your online brand presence.

Social media and business networking is not going away. Facebook, twitter and now the newly launched G+ from Google will grow and continue to affect and have an effect on the way that we do business. Managing your online reputation and online brand presence may become vital to the success of your business.




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