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October 13, 2011

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If there is a remarkable difference in your online brand presence and the way your brand is perceived by the public, you need to start re-thinking your SEO and online marketing strategy. Knowing how your public feels about you is one of the most important marketing tools in the world. Unfortunately, traditional marketing doesn’t allow for tangible and accurate figures. However, your online brand presence is measurable and trackable, so you are able to make adjustments on an ongoing basis.

Online Brand Presence – Google Analytics

The analytics of your site provide a good reference point, especially if you are new to SEO or planning a strategy to enhance your online brand presence and improve traffic to your site. Google Analytics is free which fits right into everyone’s marketing budget. Learning how to read analytics though is a skill. You also need to use the figures to point you toward a firm and sustainable e-marketing strategy.

Google Analytics can determine the amount of people that are finding your website through our brand. It provides useful data about the amount of brand traffic to your site as well as the effectiveness of your keywords. The use of branded keywords can really help you find out how many people searched using your brand name.

The most important information though, will always be the amount of direct traffic that you received to your website or blog. This could be the biggest indicator of how your online public views your brand. There is never any doubt that organic search is a good indication of your authority and will give you enhanced online visibility. The amount of people who know your brand and visit your site directly is the biggest indicator of brand presence. Using analytics will also tell you how many visitors visit your website or blog more than once. If you have a large amount of returning visitors it is indicative of the fact that you are establishing a relationship with your online public.

There are a number of different analytics programs that you can use to track your online brand presence. You need to develop a spread sheet that tracks your Social media online brand presence. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will all provide you with accurate data that you can use to keep your online brand presence where it needs to be.

If you have noticed a dip in your ranking or in your traffic, then you need to start looking at your strategy. A sustainable online marketing strategy is also one that is fluid and dynamic. You cannot keep on with the same strategy, and this is where it becomes so important to employ and SEO expert that is able to change and grow as your online brand presence grows. Instead of keeping up with what others are doing, you need to be setting trends, so people see your brand FIRST!


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