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October 10, 2011




As part of our in depth blogs on creating a sustainable online brand presence we continue with the importance of fresh, optimized content for your website and how to establish your brand as an authority.

Online Brand Presence – Get Fresh

Keeping your content fresh is vital if you want to maintain an excellent online brand presence. The World Wide Web changes every day. You don’t want to spend your time reacting to what other businesses are doing on the internet; you want to create the buzz around your brand and business. If you have fresh content on your website on a regular basis, it is a sign to search engines that your site has something to offer. It will not only give you enhanced online visibility through a higher ranking but will go a long way to establishing your authority on the World Wide Web.

Online Brand Presence through Authority

This is not only important from an online perspective. Your business needs to present its authority to the world from every angle. As part of your online brand presence, your authority is established in a number of ways. The first, of course is by your ranking. A higher ranking means that your site is considered an authority in your specific niche. Of course some sites are ranked higher through dubious methods, but companies like Google will examine your site to see if your authority is real and whether or not you provide a service through your online brand presence. Sites that engage in ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques are penalized by Google for fraud.

The best way to create authority on the internet is to have unique, creative and useful content that has been written by a creative SEO copywriter, not a hack. Keep your website updated on a weekly basis at the very least. Establish links to other sites that are considered to have authority and forge relationships with businesses and sites on the internet that are complementary to yours.

You should be starting to see the inter relation of the elements of SEO and how to use them to enhance your online brand presence. You cannot just concentrate on one element at a time or only perform SEO on certain aspects of your online business. This is why many businesses hire SEO experts to advise them and create a solid campaign of integrated and congruent strategies.

See part 3 of “SEO that Works” for an introduction to the use of social media and technology and how it can have a positive effect on your online brand presence.



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