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November 14, 2011

To continually reap the rewards of enhanced online visibility it is sometimes necessary to re-look at the very basics of SEO: Keyword research. Many companies assume that they only need to do their keyword research once and it will continue to give them the results that they desire. Keyword research might be the first rule of SEO and enhanced online visibility, but how many of us pay it attention on a regular basis?

Enhanced Online Visibility – How To Find Your Keywords

Keyword research is a resource that is used to develop a list of words and phrases that adequately match your brand description and what you are selling. Discovering what the most important keywords are for your business can be done in a number of ways. Every website can use the multifaceted Google Analytics tool that is provided free of charge to all website owners.  You can also use a number of other analytics programs to make sure that your keyword research is as extensive as possible and covers all major search engines and not just Google.

Make sure that you do an exact match for keywords when you are starting out. It will give you the keywords and phrases that are an exact match for your website and your products. Remember that your keywords research can help you optimize your website which is the starting point for any SEO strategy or project.

When you start your keyword research for an enhanced online visibility you need to check just how much authority your site has currently. Authority is measured mainly by the numbers of sites that link to yours. Establishing authority if you are a new company or are starting a new website can be done through highly optimized web content which is based on keyword research.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Ongoing Research

You cannot stand still on the World Wide Web. If you only optimize your site for a few keywords, you may be missing out on a massive business opportunity. Your keyword research should be ongoing and done in different areas of your market to make sure that you are enjoying enhanced online visibility across a number of important words and phrases. Choosing the top keywords may not be the right thing to do if you’re just starting out. This is because your search terms could be too broad or too competitive.

 A good way to establish authority and increase the chances of an enhanced online visibility, is to consider ranking highly for a number of keywords that are not as competitive. Once you have made your mark on these words you can turn to more competitive phrases.

Keyword research for enhanced online visibility should always be done by a professional who can advise you of the different aspects and factors that you need to consider when you start your SEO campaign.



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