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November 13, 2011

If you are the owner of a small business it does not mean that you need to sacrifice your online brand presence due to a restricted budget. Many of the most successful small business owners borrow ideas from large corporations and tailor them to suit a small business model.

One of the areas that small business can borrow from big business is in the realm of strategic planning. It is vital for a small business to have clearly defined goals as well as a firm strategy for growth. Putting a strategy into action can be as simple as making a list of what needs to be done and actionable tasks to get it done.

A sense of business consolidation is also important when you are managing a small business and trying to create a sustainable online brand presence. You need to spend money on your overall plan and make sure that you are not paying money for individual items that will not help establish your online brand presence. Every aspect of your strategic planning should lead toward the goal line. Far too often small businesses try to do many little things without focusing on the big picture.

If you have a firm foundation and strategic plan for growth, you will not feel compelled to latch onto every new trend that comes along. Don’t stretch your resources too far or you won’t be able to harness growth. Some small businesses look outside of the business to establish a strategy, other still look within the growing business to capitalize on internal resources for change and growth. The most successful companies choose consolidation and planning first.

Online Brand Presence - Strategic Planning

One of the biggest factors that affect growth and strategic planning is brand reputation and online brand presence. You need to stop focusing on where you are on Google and start checking your analytics for information on the amount of traffic that is coming through to your site and the amount of traffic that you are converting.

Strategic planning means doing the right keyword research and placing your brand in places that will appeal to your target market. Social media plays an important part in your online brand presence, as does the preparation and regularity of your content. If you are going to invest money into your online brand presence strategy you should look at increasing your online brand reputation through the effective placement of content.

The road to online brand presence for a small business is exactly the same as the road that big business takes. What you can do as a small business might take a little longer, but the chances are that you will not be competing in such a large market. Enjoy enhanced online visibility and online brand presence by watching what the big brands do and making sure that you’re at the top of your niche market.



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