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December 12, 2011

When even Google makes a point to notice blog comments for their infamous ranking algorithm, those seeking enhanced online visibility should pay close attention.  Blogs are everywhere and cover every topic conceivable.  Creating a blog to increase online presence is a brilliant online marketing scheme, but it’s not the only way to utilize blogging.  By trolling blogs aimed at one’s target customers and leaving thought-provoking, intelligent comments companies are building enhanced online visibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility is not about setting sales records or recruiting the most potential victims – er, customers.  Companies who use blogs to further their own agendas refusing to pay their dues to the blog gods will only put a bad taste in potential customer’s mouths.  By participating on a blog through commenting, a company is joining a community.  Communities work cooperatively and are not set upon personal gain.  This concept must be remembered at all times when building an enhanced online visibility through blog commenting.

It’s obvious why some companies drop into a friendly blog post, leave an unrelated comment pumping their company or product and then zip out just as quickly. It’s easy. Companies can do that hundreds of times a day to hundreds of blogs.  Taking the time to join a community and offer intelligent feedback is time-consuming and can’t be mass generated.  It’s worth the time, though.  Building an enhanced online visibility is all about time and patience.

Lastly, blog commenting is a commitment.  One blog comment posted will not attract the customers or build an enhanced online visibility.  Daily or bi-daily posting of comments must occur.  That requires one to follow a blog and other comment threads.  If a company is not willing to allow the time necessary to embed oneself deep into a blog it is better to not attempt the endeavor. 

Blog commenting is perhaps one of the best ways, currently, to add to a company’s enhanced online visibility.  It costs nothing more than the man-hours do complete the posts, it is a very specifically aimed marketing tactic depending on the blog and its audience, and it works.  Online marketing specialists will charge companies oodles of money with one of their approaches being blog commenting.  Companies wanting to save money and willing to invest a little time can increase their own enhanced online visibility by blog commenting.


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