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December 14, 2011

One of the most important goals of any online marketing campaign is building an online brand presence through ranking with Google and other search engines. A company’s site ranking high in organic searches does not happen through serendipity, but rather through a specific, detailed approach combining many SEO strategies.  One of the easiest strategies with immediate results is to gain site traffic through inbound links from other domains.

A recent article explains step-by-step how and where to create external links to bolster online brand presence and goes on to remind companies the importance of inter-departmental cooperation in SEO marketing when increasing online brand presence is the goal. Many strategies are available when creating inbound links to company web content and creativity is the key.

One popular option is to create fun quizzes and surveys that will direct traffic to one’s company and product.  By aiming the quizzes at target audiences a company can expand their customer base and increase their search rankings. 

Another option is to utilize social media.  Best practice suggests that brands that utilize social media increase their online brand presence more than those who don’t.  By embedding links to a company’s site within social media (Facebook page, Twitter account, etc…) current customers are likely to click and land on one’s site accomplishing the inbound link strategy.

Placing a company’s link on a blog, social media account or other type of web page with a similar audience to that which a company has is a good way to increase customers, increase inbound link traffic and increase online brand presence.  Creating a company widget so that it can be embedded within blogs is a great way to easily accommodate.

Finally, working with PR teams can seriously increase a company’s online brand presence.  Every press release and partner project is an opportunity for SEO growth.  Links back to the company web site should be embedded in all promotional material and in partner sites.  By closely working with PR a company’s online brand presence can be greatly improved. 

While links alone will not create a brand or move a company website to the number one ranking on organic searches, when combined with other tried and true SEO strategies it can cause online brand presence to amplify dramatically.  Following a few simple steps, thinking outside the box and waiting patiently is about all a successful linking campaign needs to be a success. 


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