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January 12, 2012

By following the steps we’ve outlined in previous posts companies can begin to create their enhanced online visibility.  Once one has a taste of success they become hungry for more.  After creating the company blog, updating the website to make it look like a million dollars and becoming active on social media websites there is still quite a bit of work to do.  One of the easiest ways to keep that enhanced online visibility going strong is to keep the world (and loyal customers) abreast of current events in one’s industry.

There is a fine line between keeping customers informed about industry events and boring them to death.  As good leaders in a company most bloggers search daily for news pertaining to the job or industry.  Not every little piece of information coming down the line is worthy of sharing no matter how desperate one may be.  By carefully selecting material to be written about a company can keep interest high and maintain that enhanced online visibility they worked so hard to get in the first place.

Social media is a great place to start when maintaining an enhanced online visibility through news.  To have a successful social media campaign companies must be diverse in their Facebook updates, Twitter Tweets or any other type of post.  Never should a company only post about news or sales or accomplishments.  It should be a well-balanced blend of everything.  When considering news stories pertaining to one’s industry the writer should pick not only those events and stories which will be interesting to customers but also items which will shine a positive light on the company.  For instance, if a restaurant specializes in hamburgers they would not want to share a report about obesity related to burgers.  That is unless they were introducing a new line of turkey burgers.

The company blog is a great place to share news.  Not only should it be updated daily with new posts but it also allows guests to comment. Getting customers to talk about one’s industry is a great accomplishment and should be one of a company’s blog’s goals.  Again the same rules apply as with social media for what type of news stories should be included to maintain the enhanced online visibility.  No one wants to read boring insider-only industry news.

Maintaining one’s enhanced online visibility takes work.  For companies unable to commit the time and expertise required contacting a professional marketing or SEO service should be considered.  In today’s competitive marketplace slacking in building an enhanced online presence could just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


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