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January 10, 2012

During the last five years or so a big trend in marketing has been creating and maintaining an online brand presence.  In fact, so many companies (across all industries) are so focused on building their online brand presence that an entire industry has popped up as a result dedicated to making that online brand presence a reality.  While there are definitely many paths a company can choose to create an online brand presence some have proven results while some are a gamble. 

Any company ready to commit to the creation and ongoing maintenance of their online brand presence can begin by turning to professionals who know the necessary steps to establish a productive online brand presence. For those companies with an established brand and ready to move to the next level, there are several seemingly small tricks to follow that will reap major results.

As the internet continues to grow there are more and more websites devoted to questions and answers.  This is a great way to spread the word about one’s company.  Every company should commit to being an expert in their field.  Part of the responsibility of being an expert is answering questions.  By visiting such sites as Yahoo! Answers frequently one can give thoughtful answers to industry questions while furthering their online brand presence.

Frequenting question and answer sites accomplishes more than just increasing online brand presence.  It keeps the proverbial ear to the ground.  By reading common questions and common answers to issues linked with one’s industry one can begin to see trends in information and misinformation.  This can be useful for one’s own marketing campaigns.  Also, if one is in the business of selling products question and answer sites provide valuable reviews.  There are a number of ways a smart company can use such information to their advantage.

Cruising the internet looking for questions about one’s industry seems like a relatively simple way to build an online brand presence.  The truth is, though, that it takes time and dedication.  Companies unable to dedicate the appropriate amount of time necessary to maintain an online brand presence should not be ashamed to admit as much and leave it to a professional specializing in online marketing and search engine optimization.  As with anything else  to create an online brand presence of substance time will have to be devoted to have it done right.


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