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January 23, 2012

One of the most popular ways to build online brand presence is to participate in social media.  We have suggested this repeatedly and gone to great lengths to help small businesses really gain a name for themselves and create an online brand presence while doing it.  Still, though, many businesses are faced with lackluster results and no increase in online brand presence after creating and paying diligence to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.  Faced with disappointment and frustration they may decide to quit.  Instead of throwing in the towel we want to return to the basics for a few moments. 

It’s easy to see how perhaps in all the excitement of a new Facebook account a business could forget what they learned in Marketing 101. For that reason we will review some very, very basic ideas of how to create online brand presence through social media using the exact same principles one would use in any other marketing device.

Have a Plan

We see all too often businesses jump head first into the social media pool without ever developing a plan.  An online brand presence does not come about by serendipity but rather through careful planning.  When approaching a social media website every business should develop goals in writing, then strategies for achieving those goals, followed lastly by tactics.  Goals should focus more on the online brand presence then sales.

Know the Audience

It’s tempting for businesses to want to drive the conversations on one’s social media account page.  After all they are the experts are they not?  The truth is that to really build an online brand presence businesses must let their customers set the tone for the conversations, and the topics.  By studying trends within the customer base businesses can anticipate the hot topic and steer it in their direction while appearing to let the customer hold the reigns.  That is smart marketing.

Remember Manners

If one was at a trade show they would never think of cursing at a customer or competitor.  Nor would they use vulgarity.  Some businesses forget how to behave online although the results can mean disaster for an online brand presence.  Whoever is responsible for handling the social media accounts should have stellar social skills and remember what they post lives online for eternity. 


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