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January 11, 2012

This entire blog is devoted to helping companies and individual business owners develop and maintain an online brand presence.  Contained within pages and pages helpful articles are all kinds of tips and strategies gathered from some of the best marketing and SEO marketing firms and specialists in the world.  Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis has by this point recognized themes – advice we repackage and reword time and time again in an effort to stress their importance in building an online brand presence.

Well, we feel vindicated.  Recently PRWeb reported in an article the top SEO tips and trends for 2012 as predicted from some of the world’s best companies.  Within the list are topics we just can’t discuss enough in this blog aimed at helping create an online brand presence.  Here is a simplified summation:

1)    Keyword Optimization and Research – companies must do thorough research into what keywords customers and potential customers are sticking into search engines when looking for services and products.

2)    Linking – There is simply no easier way to build an online brand presence than to link, link, link. 

3)    Social Media – Companies expecting to compete in this day and age must develop a strong online brand presence through social media.

4)    Forum Commenting – Perhaps one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote an online brand presence is through participating in online communities by commenting on forums and other blogs. 

5)    Review Submissions – Providing well-written, thought provoking reviews of products or services in one’s industry is a great way to link.  Most of the time the reviews will be posted with a link back to one’s company.  Online brand presence is built and rankings are raised.

These are just five of the recommended best practices for companies wanting to improve their rankings on popular search engines and in turn increase their online brand presence.  Although all of these tips seem relatively simple they do require time and dedication, something many companies honestly do not have available.  To get the job done right hiring a professional may be the best decision.  After all a strong online brand presence will bring in far more revenue than the cost of any SEO or marketing expert.


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