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March 29, 2012

Even though we know you probably are already using a company blog we want to reiterate how very possible it is to capture enhanced online visibility with blogging.  No matter what industry you are in or what you are selling by following some basic global ideas you can turn your company blog into an enhanced online visibility machine. A review of these tips will be helpful whether your blog is performing brilliantly or just getting by.

Capture Enhanced Online Visibility with Blogging – What’s in a Name?

Everything, that’s what.  Titles can make or break your enhanced online visibility.  If you have bland and boring titles or long and confusing titles you can turn your customers away before they even click on the post.  Especially when so many blog posts are viewed because of a social media share it is absolutely vital to your blog’s health to have great titles.

Capture Enhanced Online Visibility with Blogging – Offer Solutions

Your product or service is great. At least everyone reading your blog knows you think that.  They are about as interested in reading posts full of you telling them your product is great as they are sitting through a slideshow presentation of their co-worker’s grandchildren. By focusing on customers’ problems and offering real, tangible, and relevant solutions you keep their attention much longer and hopefully will convince them to read more of what you have to say.

Capture Enhanced Online Visibility with Blogging – Answer questions

If you have been in business for any length of time you probably have a good list of FAQs.  These may pertain to your products or services specifically or just to the industry in general.  Using these frequently asked questions as titles for your blog posts is a great way to add value to your blog.  Not only do you know the majority of customers and potential customers are wondering about such questions, you already know how to answer them with your product or service the shining star.

Blog content writing can easily become drudgery and if that happens the customers will stop visiting.  Even if you have a lot of experience in content writing or marketing looking at your product or service from a different angle is sometimes all it takes to put a bounce in your step and help you produce new and revitalized content writing.  Try these three suggestions next time you feel a case of the ‘blahs’ attacking and capture enhanced online visibility with blogging once again.


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