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March 21, 2012

In the constant race to get your company’s name and brand out to the masses it is easy to forget you must focus on the follower for enhanced online visibility.  By follower, of course, I mean on social media. They are the real drivers of your brand’s enhanced online visibility and without regular maintenance and tending to will grow bored and desert you.  Below are some tips to maintain that vital brand/follower relationship to continually propel your business’s enhanced online visibility.

  • Reward loyal followers – Everyone likes to be notices and rewarded for their work.  By offering ‘facebook only’ or ‘twitter only’ specials you reward followers and encourage their hard work.
  • Ask for their opinions – Customers like to share their ideas with brands, your being no exception.  By regularly asking followers what they think about products or any other aspect of the business you engage and increase the likelihood that more fans will jump in the conversation.
  • Constantly remind customers – all of your customers need gentle reminding to join the business on the various social media website.  Enhanced  online visibility can only be built if people know about your online presence.  Verbal reminders, email reminders and social media logos on all stationary is a great way to remind customers, both new and established, to follow you.
  • Stay current on your customer base – You must at all times be aware of your customer base and their needs.  With that information you can craft social media pages to fit their needs which will in turn encourage engagement which in turn created enhanced online visibility.
  • Use analytics – All social media sites provide analytics and you can use outside analytics as well to determine how social media strategies are working.  The focus of your studying should be on the follower.  If what you’re doing is working follower numbers will be up.

There are many aspects of social media marketing that must be considered when trying to increase your brand’s enhanced online visibility, but they all amount to nothing if your customers are not interacting with the brand.  Social media allows the greatest freedom in that regard making the need to focus on the follower for enhanced online visibility the top priority of everyone on the online marketing team.


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