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March 12, 2012

Google has recently announced their latest dangling carrot to entice businesses to utilize Google+ in an effort to seriously improve enhanced online visibility.  Google Search plus Your World is a hybrid search that combines traditional Google search results compiled from its infamous algorithm and the search results from Google+ which uses shared web content from a user’s Circles.  This is an opportunity for businesses to begin seeing a huge increase in enhanced online visibility by simply having an active Google+ account.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Quality Web Content

In order for Google Search plus Your World to retrieve content it must be shared within a Circle.  This means that businesses wanting their web content to be shared and shared often in an effort to increase enhanced online visibility must step up their game and begin writing insightful and interesting professional web content.  Businesses concerned about the quality of their content should contact a professional content writing service specializing in social media management for help writing keyword-rich articles and blog posts.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Circles

Businesses with the best content around will attain no enhanced online visibility through Google Search plus Your World if there are no Circles full of people waiting to share the information.  Google+ Circles should already be a tool used to achieve the online marketing goal of improving enhanced online visibility and if it isn’t, it needs to become one.  The new Google ‘your world’ search relies on a user’s Circles to pull shared content.  The more Circles a business has the more people who will have access to the content through search results.

Enhanced Online Visibility - +1 Shares

One of the interesting things about the new Google search algorithm is that it weighs those items with the most +1 shares more than those with only a few shares.  Again having robust Circles will help with the sharing, but there are other strategies for encouraging customers and followers to share content.  All blog posts need to have ‘+1’ buttons prominently displayed on them to encourage readers to share.  There are many tips to promote one’s web content and businesses are encouraged to take the time to focus on these strategies to increase their shares and, in turn, their enhanced online visibility.

In an effort to encourage more people to adopt Google+ as their primary social media website Google has finally played to their strength – the Google search engine.  For any small and mid-sized business wishing to get a strong boost in Google rankings the new Google Search plus Your World might just be the golden ticket that propels enhanced online visibility to the next level.


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