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March 22, 2012

These days every business is on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Pinterest is the breakout winner of 2011.  But what are the next big social networks that will take off?  To build online brand presence your business will not only need to be aware of these social networks but have a presence on them early on to catch as many customers as possible.  Below are some of the newest and hottest, predicted to grow the fastest, social networks of 2012.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Path

This social network tracks where you are, who you are with and what you’re doing.  It even shares what music you are listening to.  For those who like to keep everyone in their life ‘in the loop’ Path is sure to be a future hit.  It also works seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr updating those sites with Path info.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Sonar

For all those people who wondered where their friends were Sonar is the answer.  It taps into your social media accounts and uses GPS to determine where your friends are in location to you and then alerts you of possible love connections and networking opportunities.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Localmind  

This is the perfect site for those wanting to know what is going on where they are right at that moment.  Once again, Localmind pulls info from other established sites like Facebook and Twitter to determine the hottest events based on a user’s GPS location.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Fancy  

A sort of knock-off of Pinterest in that users are asked to ‘fancy’ items they want.  Unlike Pinterest users can buy the items they fancy directly from the website.  Genius.

New Social Networks for Building Online Brand Presence - Forecast

With the hope of influencing friends’ and followers’ behaviors Forecast is an online date planner of sorts allowing users to tell the world what they plan to be doing in the future.

Whether these hot new social networking sites hold any appeal to your business or if your business will benefit from them is not important. What is important is for businesses, especially those small and mid-sized, to always keep an eye out for the next big thing.  With social media being the best marketing option keeping up with new social networks for building online brand presence is the key to success.


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