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March 26, 2012

This past week Pinterest sent an email to all users announcing upcoming changes to terms and conditions which might have made you wonder about Pinterest Copyright rules and your online brand presence.  With Pinterest being such a young company (a little over two years old) many are not sure of the rules especially as they pertain to copyright.  In fact, Pinterest hasn’t yet ironed out the wrinkles on that matter.  What is known is what the current terms and conditions state as well as what they soon will be changed to say.

Pinterest Copyright Rules and Your Online Brand Presence – Current Policy

Pinterest adopted a standard set of terms and conditions when they first launched in December 2009 never in a million years dreaming they’d be the overnight success that they have been.  The standard terms and conditions cover everything related to content and users – even though it’s incredibly vague. Basically, anything a user pins is not the property of Pinterest but they can use anything they want, whenever they want, for as long as they want, whether the user has an active account or not.

Pinterest Copyright Rules and Your Online Brand Presence – New Changes

Many changes were hinted at in the letter by CEO, Ben Silbermann, to users last week.  There will be new rules pertaining to what content is and isn’t allowed. And there will some sort of private pinning beginning.  This is exciting because if Pinterest is able to pull off something similar to Google+’s Circles your company’s online brand presence could take off like you’ve never imagined.

Pinterest Copyright Rules and Your Online Brand Presence – How it Effects You

While Pinterest’s terms and conditions are under construction it is better to be safe than sorry.  Treat all items pinned by your business as if were on your website. In other words, if you don’t own the content or have license to use it, don’t. Being a business copyright laws are stricter on you than on a private individual.  Pinterest may be new, but the same ‘best practice’ rules apply as they apply to any website.

How Pinterest changes in the near future will be interesting to see as well as how it affects businesses.  Since Pinterest relies on users taking images from the web they must begin dealing with the issues of copyright sooner rather than later.  Whether you are new to Pinterest or are just considering the site it would be in your best interest to research Pinterest copyright rules and your online brand presence and how the two can be mutually beneficial.



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