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March 09, 2012

While the value of blogging has been understood across industries as a necessary online strategy too many businesses and bloggers underestimate the importance of a meta tag description for online brand presence.  In essence, the meta tag is the first impression the general public, your customers, get of your business and the best way to create an online brand presence.  If your business is in the habit of simply copying and pasting the first sentence into the meta tag box when scheduling blog posts you may be doing damage to your online brand presence.  There are some tips you can follow when creating meta tags that will help convince customers to click on your blog post and build your online brand presence.

1)    Be concise yet pique interest.  Think like a tweet when writing meta tags.  When people scroll through search engine results they skim meta tags and will stop when the description is interesting but not over the top.  You have a limited number of words to make your case, sale your brand, and build your online brand presence.

2)    Use keywords.  You should already have developed a list of keywords to use when optimizing content.  If you have not you need to.  For the fastest and most efficient keyword determination contact a professional content writing company that specializes in building online brand presence.  Once your keywords are determined use them naturally in meta tags.  Your brand name is also a keyword.

3)    Take your time and write quality meta tags.  Even though the actual meta tag is short and may appear simplistic the most effective ones have at least an hour of thought behind them.  Once you write a really good meta tag work on replicating it by using synonyms and changing words around.  Google punishes duplicated meta tags.

4)    Do not use punctuation when writing meta tags.  When Google and other search engines process your meta tag they look at everything as a symbol.  When you throw punctuation into the mix the search engine misreads it as HTML and is not happy.  As much as it may hurt avoid dashes, colons, question marks, parenthesis and quotation marks.

By following these suggestions you will be off to a great start at writing meta tags that increase your online brand presence.  One of the best features of Google is that you are not punished for making changes to past blog posts.  Use that as an advantage and change old meta tags to reflect your goals and increase blog traffic.  The importance of meta tag descriptions for online brand presence cannot be stressed enough as is it is often an ignored online marketing strategy.


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