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March 23, 2012

In this new age of real-time social media dominating customers’ time it is no surprise that using customer service to increase online brand presence is a natural step to take your companies online marketing.  My grandfather used to tell me, “If you’re going to do something do it right the first time.” I’d like to think that all companies strive to do just that with their products or services.  Word of mouth has always been the best marketing strategy for any size business in any industry and those businesses devoted to ‘doing it right’ have a great many customers because of that. 

Social media is a new, digital form of word of mouth.  Now that a large majority of businesses (especially your competitors) have a presence on social media standing out becomes more important than ever for building online brand presence.  Customer service is still the answer just in different ways.

First, your business has to demonstrate it cares about your customers.  Online brand presence isn’t built by caring that your customers buy your products but rather that you care about them wholly.  Social media and blogs give a venue for your company to show they really care.  Helpful blogs that answer questions or explain new ways to use products or services are a good place to begin.  Having employees respond to comments quickly and carefully is another good social media strategy.  With social media the sky is the limit in how much customer service you can provide.

When actively building online brand presence your customers must be engaged in conversations about your brand on social media sites.  Providing excellent customers service is how to make this happen.  All employees working with social media in any way in your business must be made aware of the importance of customer service to make sure that there are no weak links in the company chain.

Many businesses fear the negative comment and its effect on online brand presence. Customer service is the only way to combat the inevitable negative comment.  When you respond quickly and politely to a customer unhappy with your brand you show your community that you really care and are willing to fix any mistakes or do whatever it takes to solve the problem.  That is the kind of customer service that creates online brand presence.

Long before the internet smart business owners realized the value of great customer service.  Even though there are far more online stores and far less brick and mortar stores the need for customer service has not diminished one bit. No matter what your online marketing goals may be you must remember that using customer service to build online brand presence was, and still is, the first strategy that equals success.


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