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April 03, 2012

Customers today turn to social media for just about every step of the buying process making it essential that your business utilize social media in every way possible.  Between asking friends for product purchasing advice to reading what others have said about your business social media is redefining consumer decisions.  Below are five tips that will increase your enhanced online visibility with very little change required by you.

1)    Encourage customer reviews – As mentioned above more and more people are turning to social media when looking for products to buy.  A recent study showed that nearly three-fourths of online shoppers researched customer reviews before making a decision.  Those numbers mean you must find whatever ways work to encourage your customers to complete reviews about your business and products.  Some successful strategies are to offer discounts for reviews, coupons and, simply, asking them to via email or social media post.

2)    Use social networks – Enhanced online visibility begins with you being active on social networks.  Signing up for an account does not equal activity.  To really see an increase in enhanced online visibility you must interact with your customers and create ongoing conversations centered around your business and brand.

3)    Encourage online surfing in your store – Blocking internet signals in your store is a sure fire way to seriously anger your customers.  By not only allowing internet signals, but actually encouraging them, you can increase social comments related to your business and increase customer reviews.

4)    Cater to specific social networks – Truly enhanced online visibility requires that you customize your social media marketing techniques to individual groups of people.  On Pinterest your marketing techniques will be quite different from those on Twitter.  It is worth the time and effort to optimize social networks as your customers will respond positively.

5)    ‘Handle’ unhappy customers – If you haven’t already had an angry customer you will soon.  Instead of ignoring nasty comments online confront them head-on and engage the unhappy individual on the social network they chose on which to blast you.  Once you’ve made it clear that you care about their problem and want to fix it contact them offline to work out the details.  This sends a positive message to your other customers that you care about customers and are dedicated to getting the job done right.

Enhanced online visibility isn’t created overnight and isn’t accomplished with a ‘few easy steps’. Rather it takes time, dedication and a savvy mind focused on staying one step ahead of the competition.  These five steps are a good beginners guide to get you thinking in terms of building enhanced online visibility  but to truly get ahead of the pack you must always be looking for new and innovative ways to optimize social media.


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