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April 05, 2012

When companies want an enhanced online visibility they often turn to social media which is a step in the right direction. Just having a presence on social media or creating a company blog is far from enough to get customers interested in your product.  Enhanced online visibility requires customers and potential customers along with other businesses to be actively viewing your site, engaging with you in conversations and sharing what you offer.  To do that you must follow these three core best practices.

Best Practices for Enhanced Online Visibility – Be creative

Doing what everyone else is doing definitely has its place but in the world of social media creativity definitely is the best way to be seen.  It’s comparable to the early days of television. Back then commercials were live and consisted mainly of a middle aged white guy holding a product and telling about how wonderful it was in thirty seconds or less.  To say the least television commercials have changed a bit in the last fifty years! Social media is about the same.  When sites like Facebook and Twitter were first born just being on the site was enough to improve enhanced online visibility, but now that everyone is on those same sites you must stand out from the crowd to be noticed.

Best Practices for Enhanced Online Visibility – Follow trends

Now that you understand the power of being bold and thinking outside the box it’s time to focus on trends. Thinking outside the box has its place and without someone doing just that innovations would never occur.  Trends, though, do have their place.  Through careful examination of your competitors within your niche, and even the top performing social media businesses, you can find trends in social media strategies and tools. Chances are if those trends work for their customers they will work for yours.  You don’t have to be a copycat to follow a trend. For instance if sweepstakes are all the rage, create one for your business.  That’s not stealing from a competitor; it’s just being business savvy.

Best Practices for Enhanced Online Visibility – Customers drive success

Without customers your enhanced online visibility would not exist.  Unlike traditional marketing endeavors social networks and blogs rely totally on customers to keep content moving amongst themselves.  If you stay humble and remember this law of social media you can begin to create content for your customers - not for the enlightenment of the masses to your brand.  Customers want comparisons. They want solutions (not necessarily products) to their problems.  Most of all they want relationships with businesses where their opinions matter.


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