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April 04, 2012

There are rumors flying these days about upcoming changes to Twitter that would definitely affect your online brand presence.  Since many small and midsized businesses rely heavily on Twitter for their online brand presence building strategies noting these potential changes is a very good idea.  While the official Twitter spokesperson hasn’t confirmed or denied the changes people who know about these things say the rumors are true.  How you use the rumors depends on your marketing goals and your industry.  Please, though, do try and use these changes to your online brand presence’s advantage.

1)    Open Platform – Twitter seems to have not gotten the memo about how open platforms really help a social network grow.  Just look at Facebook and all the thousands of apps that have been developed to work with the number one social network in the world. By allowing designers to integrate features into Twitter businesses can watch their online brand presence explode with growth.

2)    Contests – Up until this point there hasn’t really been a way for businesses to utilize Twitter for promotional contests or sweepstakes.  With contests being one of the most popular social media strategies to build online brand presence it’s no surprise that Twitter is rumored to be integrating them into their tweets.

3)    Twitter Commerce – This rumor is pure genius on Twitter’s part.  Supposedly Twitter is preparing to unveil t-commerce for mobile Twitter to be used on mobile devices.  It will allow consumers to purchase products or services of brands with Twitter accounts directly from Twitter.  No site jumping required.  The possibilities are unlimited for small businesses to build online brand presence by combining in store promotions with t-commerce.

Whether these rumors will come to light or are simply rumors only time will tell.  What is known is that Twitter is stepping up their game as their popularity is increasing.  With Facebook still leading social network sites as number one in the world it will interesting to follow what Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and others do to close that gap.  In the meantime, your business can build valuable online brand presence by using new updates and features in the most visited social networks.



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