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April 09, 2012

One of the best tried and true methods of sharing exciting information about a business is the press release and companies seeking enhanced online visibility must learn to use press releases and other information releases to their advantage.  While traditionally newswires have been the only source of press releases social media has now taken a bite out of their market.  Now businesses rely not only on newswires but also blogs and social network to share information and company news in an effort to build their enhanced online visibility.

Press Releases and Enhanced Online Visibility – Tradition

There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating well-crafted press releases to be featured by newswires.  In fact, many online news sources rely heavily on such news wires.  Small businesses, especially, benefit from a press release if their blog subscriber numbers or social network follower numbers are low. Press releases still offer a chance for companies of all sizes to share exciting changes such as new key employee hires and changes in locations with a large audience.

Press Releases and Enhanced Online Visibility – Blog

Those with impressive blog subscribers may opt to forego the press release and issue breaking news via their blog only.  With a blog release brands have the ability to share the information with their core customer base and then let them disperse it throughout various channels.  Most businesses releasing information via blog post also issue a press release although some big brands have cut out the press release all together.  Google now breaks news only on their blog knowing that enough people follow the blog to get the important information out just as effectively as a press release.

Press Releases and Enhanced Online Visibility – Social Media

In the case of information sharing social media is the tie that binds.  Of course, businesses may choose to share information via social media post but that is a bit dicey as many posts go unnoticed. By using social media to share a blog post announcing breaking company news or using social media to link a press release, as published by a newswire, businesses can give the sharing of their information a little nudge in the right direction.

In this exciting age of social media, blogs, and other information sharing tools businesses are no longer tied to the meager press release when wanting to share company news.  By carefully choosing when, how and where to post news a broader audience can be reached.  The best way to build an enhanced online visibility is to coordinate traditional press releases with social media and blogs.


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