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April 02, 2012

Every content writer intent on increasing online brand presence is always looking for helpful tips to keep readers engaged and interactive.  Compiled in this post are some of the latest content writing tips for online brand presence building.  When used successfully your online brand presence will see a guaranteed boost.  As with any content writing if you are unsure about your abilities or the quality of your content writing consider contacting a professional content writing service to help get you moving in the right direction and ensure that your online brand presence moves in the right direction as well.

  • Use graphics – Pinterest is proof that people love graphics.  Anytime you can incorporate great content into a graphic it will be a success.  For those businesses with a Twitter account a new site, Twylah, turns your most popular tweets into infographics. 
  • Utilize Zemanta – Included in all WordPress blogs is Zemanta which is a good way to embed high quality links in your blog posts through pictures and text links.   By doing this you will improve your rankings which will definitely improve your online brand presence.
  • Post when your audience is there – The best strategy to build your online brand presence is to throw out content when your target audience is looking.  Everytimezone.com is a new service that analyzes your social network activity to predict when you should post, tweet, or comment.
  • Include powerful demographics – No matter what your product or service may be you can always include at least one huge demographic in your marketing.  You may have to get really creative to find a way to pitch your product or service to them, but if you can reach an established audience your online brand presence will be proof enough it works.
  • Think in terms of linkability – When you create content think about how linkable it will be.  Inforgraphics, charts, graphs and other visual organizer are loved the world around and are linked the most often by other content writers.

These are just a few proven ways to increase your online brand presence by making simple changes to your content writing.  They don’t require any massive social media marketing overhauls or even a change in writers.  If you have a small or mid-sized business and want to see more bang for your writing buck consider these tips for content writing for online brand presence.


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