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June 11, 2012

Social media roi
If you want to get the definitive answer on whether or not your social media is delivering enhanced online visibility, you need to check your conversion figures. Defining  social media ROI can be directly linked to how many people visit your website and what you do with them once they are there. Although there are a number of ways that can be used to build conversion rates, social media tools are by far the most cost-effective to be concentrating on. You do not have to just focus on a single platform to accelerate the growth of sales within your business. By working with more than one social media site, you are doubling the number of potential clients who see your business website which means enhanced online visibility.

Linkedin IS Social Media

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular for business owners as a way of letting people with particular interests find an outlet to satisfy them. Think of LinkedIn like a social media site where you find someone with a problem, and you provide them with a solution. LinkedIn allows you to work on business development by creating groups, which users can join, should they have similar interests. Pay attention to what is posted on these group pages because when a potential buyer published a comment regarding needing the help of traffic developing businesses, the business owner was able to respond and engage in communication. This communication then led to business collaboration. If you focus and participate in groups on LinkedIn, you will realize there are thousands of conversions waiting to be made whic can deliver enhanced online visibility.

StumbleUpon Delivers Enhanced Online Visibility

Much like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon is a kind of social media bookmarking site which has the ability to not only increase your conversion rates, but also alter your ranking on the major search engines like Google. That’s a great ROI and you’ll notice the bottom line improvement. If you devote a few hours each week or even better, each day, you can build your recognition and enjoy enhanced online visibility on websites like this. ‘Stumbling’ links and getting people to ‘stumble’ upon your own will mean the viral popularity levels associated with your business website will boost in no time at all. Keep doing this for the best possible search rankings. 

To maintain enhanced online visibility takes work but more than that, it take consitent effort. Keep it up and you WILL notice the difference.



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