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July 09, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility through Blogging

For companies trying to create an internet marketing plan, adding a blog to one’s website is a great way to enjoy enhanced online visibility.  They are a popular, easy and non-threatening way to invite new customers to your product and are great for raising ranking on search engines.  The secret to accomplishing all of the above benefits is to do it right from the beginning.  Internet marketing is not about putting large amounts of money into complex marketing schemes but rather putting money where it will get the most results.

Enhanced Online Visibility - Blog 101

A blog can be a scary venture for a young company just getting their feet wet in internet marketing online and even for established companies just expanding their marketing campaign to the world wide web.  Wherever a company may be in their internet marketing plans, adding a blog is a good investment.  It does, however, require some time and dedication.

How To Leverage Your Blog For Enhanced Online Visibility

First, to be successful a blog needs to look nice.  If there is already a website design guru on staff that can realize an aesthetically pleasing blog - ka-ching! - more money in the bank!  If there is not, then by all means, a company should hire one to set them up in a professional looking blog.  Next, the blog must have some meat to it before it even goes live.  That means someone or someones must write a lot of articles and backdate them.  Current internet marketing wisdom dictates that at least thirty posts should be already included in the blog before it goes live.  If a company has a communications department they can provide the posts, if not, consider hiring a professional marketing company to create content for you.

What’s Inside Matters

The composition of a blog post is a very tricky thing.  Customers will be turned away if a hard sell is evident within the lines.  They will go elsewhere if there is no mention of one’s product.  The balance between the two is a hard equation to figure out.  That is why there are many professional internet marketing companies that provide posts for companies.  They have figured out the successful formula to win customer loyalty, remain interesting and rank high on the search engines to ensure enhanced online visibility.

Regardless of whether a company has a budget big enough to hire the best bloggers available to enhance their internet marketing or is just starting out with a handful of employees and is setting out to build their own site, blogging matters.  Internet marketing is ripe with opportunities for those smart enough to take a chance on something new that will guarantee enhanced online visibility.




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Thanks for the suggestion but blogs are time consuming and are prone to spamming. I'm not just so sure if it will work for a company that's just starting out.

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