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August 20, 2012


It’s best to think of your businesses online brand presence as central to the image you wish to portray to the market as a whole. Your brand is what will distinguish you from the rest of your competition. It’s also important to remember that a brand often develops a personality of its own, and it’s one that people will identify with on a more subconscious level too. Consider a company like Apple, whose brand has become synonymous with innovation and quality. Or a company like Disney, whose brand has become synonymous with wholesome family entertainment.

While these are brands that have been built over years, an online brand presence can be developed far more rapidly and at much lower cost too. Building an online brand presence is not much different to building a brand in the traditional sense, although the approach one will take will differ when compared to more traditional methods of brand marketing and advertising.

How to Build Your Online Brand Presence Effectively

Building an online brand presence is about trust first and foremost. You want to build trust in the specific market segments you are targeting. It’s crucial that you focus on creating an online profile for you and your business by positioning yourself as an authority in your market segment. Once your audience begins to view either you or your business as an authority in a specific market, trust develops.

At the same time, it’s equally important to remember the little things.

Ensure that your logo is always visible in all your communications. Be it website, blogs, emails, newsletters, your logo must always be clearly visible. You also want to ensure that your logo and the image you present to the world complement the image you want your business want to convey too

You also always want to be clear and concise about your services, products and offering as a whole. For customers to associate a particular service or product with your brand, they need to understand your offering.

An excellent way to build trust with your customers is to make use of social media. Online communication through your own sites is a great way to start. Also worth considering would be active participation in the broader community as a whole, which will help establish you as an authority in your specific market, thus building your online brand presence on a firm foundation.




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