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August 17, 2012

One of the biggest obstacles that we face in building an online reputation is the ability to provide continuous exposure without overwhelming our audience. Bombarding people with images and advertising can be effective, although it can also be detrimental if the delivery does not appeal to the intended audience. Building an online brand presence is not much different in that we want consistent exposure online; however we never want to appear too invasive either. There is a fine line between the two, and one of the most effective ways to ensure you are not being invasive is to allow your audience to “opt in”. Not only is this less invasive, it provides a more qualified base for future marketing efforts too.

This can be achieved in many ways. For example, many websites offer RSS feeds, where users can subscribe to news feeds and alerts from that website. This is an example of an "opt in" strategy where users willingly make the decision to receive updates and new content. Another example would be a social media site like Twitter, where users decide whose comments and updates they will follow.

When it comes to building an online brand presence, one of the most effective ways to do this is by offering newsletters. The online newsletter is an example of an "opt in" service, and it’s one that is incredibly powerful given the control you have over content. It’s a great way to push content to your audience and at the same time it provides you with the constant exposure you are looking for.

Equally important is the quality of the content you provide. If the content you provide is both valuable and informative, people tend to remain subscribers for far longer. Over time you develop a reputation with your user base, enhancing both trust and your online brand presence too. It also builds up a great deal of loyalty in your base, providing an excellent platform for further market research or marketing drives.

There are online newsletter services which will help you manage your newsletter delivery. Companies like Mailchimp and Aweber provide a mix of free and paid services, with easy integration into your online profiles, blogs and websites.  Building an online brand presence with newsletters should be considered if you are looking to engage with customers and potential customers over the long term




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