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August 31, 2012


Looking for more customers? Many small business owners are wary about spending money on internet marketing for enhanced online visibility. There are a number of things you can do to promote your brand online and ensure that customers can find your website and services.

Can Customers StumbleUpon Your Business?

The StumbleUpon business model should be part of your overall online marketing drive. While it’s easy to focus on the giants of social networking, you need to pay attention to sites like StumbleUpon and start up’s like Pinterest to get the best results and enhanced online visibility for your brand. Just a year ago it was all about delivering clicks to your website, but now the focus has changed in social media and online marketing. The goal is no longer getting the clicks, but to be seen by internet users and consumers as an approachable available brand. 

The way StumbleUpon works, and the reason it is so popular, is because millions of users come to the site and use it as a filter for their internet searching. Perfect for when you want to filter out the “background noise” of the internet. It might not be as user friendly as Facebook or Twitter, and it may not be as interactive, but it is a valuable part of your online brand promotion. StumbleUpon is considered to be an authority site. People go there specifically because it filters out the filler/spam results and delivers high quality content.

Enhanced Online Visibility Through Website Promotion

There are a few techniques that you should use to ensure success in website promotion. First is to implement content sharing. Although many websites are skeptical in letting their site content be viewed on another site, this can actually help increase traffic due to their improved visibility.This can be executed through widgets and badges that allow sites to showcase their site’s content without having to force their readers to go to their website.

Another sure-fire technique of getting traffic through networking sites is through commenting on popular websites with your own site’s link. Other websites that have like buttons, such as Facebook, are also known to drive traffic towards a product. When people see their friend likes a certain product, these people tend to check out what this product is, thereby increasing their website’s hits.

With all the significant advantages that social media optimization has to offer, the success of this method of website promotion still lies in the quality of your website content. StumbleUpon needs to have excellent content to work effectively, and that is really what your internet marketing should be about to ensure enhanced online visibility.

The StumbleUpon business model is second only to Facebook in the amount of traffic referred to external websites. The numbers of registered users may seem small; just under 20 million, but those users spend on average of 6 hours per month using the service.

What would you pay to reach 20 million people who are actively looking for your service?




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Stumbleupon looks intriguing and avoiding spam is a great way to become popular. One of the reasons facebook started so successfully. How long has Stumbleupon been around?

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