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August 13, 2012

Keywords and Content


Creating useful and engaging content for your website or blog is one of the fastest ways to improve your online brand presence. The words that you choose are as important as your subject. As important as it is to actually pick out the correct keywords when creating articles, so that the search engines pick up on the most frequently searched words and phrases, it is equally important to check the keyword density. While keyword stuffing used to be a very popular way to storm the search results, this is no longer allowed, and in fact it is penalised, making it important that you know how to sort out keyword density before publishing articles.

Don't Use Keywords To Try and Beat Google

Until the changes ot the Google algorithm, many webmasters would try and 'beat' the system by placing lots of keywords in each piece of content. This was called keyword stuffing and it involved throwing in a bundle of keywords throughout the entire post. This would then get picked up by Google because it had the strongest amount of keywords. Despite it working for some time, it has now been banned and for those who attempt it, it is possible that Google will penalize you and your hard-earned ranking will diminish. 

Word Counts & Keyword Density

What you may not know is that the amount of words you have in an article affects the keyword density. So if you have a piece that is 450 words long, it will require less keyword implementation than an article that is 1000 words long. This is important to know if you are a creating the content for your business. 

How Many Keywords?

Once you know the amount of words in your content, you can start to determine the amount of words that should be used for keyword implementation. With the word count noted down, use Microsoft Word and click on the tab that says ‘Edit’. You can then click ‘Find’ which will allow you to find the keyword you are using. You can try this on a practice piece before you craft your own, to get an idea of what is right and what is wrong. Write down the number of times the keyword has been used in the article and divide this number by the word count. 

Remember that your online brand presence is determined by a number of features and factors. Getting them all right and all working together is the key to enhanced online visibility and a better reputation.



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