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August 03, 2012

Maybe you’re a website owner who wants to get more hits. Maybe you’re an internet marketer who wants to promote a company or a product. Either way, you are going to make use of SEO to try and get the most online brand presence to attract more traffic to your website and to your company.

Website Design For Increased Online Brand Presence

Business owners often tend to focus on what the website looks like, but your website design is much more intricate than the graphics and colors. Your website deisgn should always focus on the content, because it is content that will affect your search engine ranking and increase online brand presence.

Sure, your website may look technologically-savvy with its beautifully-scripted fonts, blinking text, high-definition photographs and interactive videos ,but what good will it do for your search engine rankings if its content reads like it’s been written by a third grade pupil? You may get a few clicks here and there due to your visually interesting website, but the most important audience will be ignored. 

Excellent content and client interaction is the way to build rankings for increased online brand presence. Most people assume that the way to expertly manipulate search engine rankings is to add as many keywords that they can in a paragraph. If a website owner takes the as-many-keywords-as-possible advice and wants to get their website known for Chinese food, their website content would probably look a lot like this. "Chinese food is a delicious Chinese food in the market of Chinese food."

Although that sentence seems like a successful SEO content for most people, it may actually drive traffic away from your website instead of towards it. The sentence above is an example of keyword stuffing which are usually placed on lower rankings. The delicate balance between sensibility and keyword density is vital for enhanced online visibility. Keywords may be important for an article to rank first in the search engines but the number of keywords and their placement in the article is just as important for a flourishing website. 

To enjoy enhanced online visibility, you need to make sure that you constantly monitor the web for any possible mentions and reviews of your business. Responding and reacting fast to any negative comments is also an important part of being able to enjoy enhanced online brand presence.



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