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September 24, 2012

Fbi and police use social media to solve crimes

Social Media sites could be the latest police resource in the fight against crime. In this informative post we highlight the power of social media and the vital importance of using social media to enhance your online reputation and online brand presence.

The social media news sources are saying that social media could be the word-of-mouth help that the police now use to track down criminals. It’s not just local, but international as well with the broad scale of worldwide users utilizing the social media sites. The FBI, police force and various other government agencies are capitalizing on how they can benefit. With this new breakthrough, solving crimes and gaining support could be a click away.

FBI Search Social Media Sites To Target Users & Terrorism Keywords

The FBI has a driving purpose to offer a fast response to a crisis, as well as uncovering unlawful activities. For the Federal Bureau of Investigation to competently serve as an investigative body, they need to maintain the best form of technology to do the job adequately. The power of social media is rapidly expanding and the FBI has recently announced their plans to get involved. The Bureau is hoping to gain access to material from social media websites that is publicly available. This will give them the opportunity to discover emerging threats, particular incidents and alerts. This evidence will be layered on a map created by the FBI as a way of incorporating additional data, which will let them track movements of potential problems. Social media is could be the link that governmental bodies need to react and respond to situations before they turn into emergencies.

Police Provide Information & Engage Community Members With Social Media 

Communities everywhere have been waiting a long time for the police force to announce their involvement in social media. Undoubtedly, Facebook, Twitter and other networks, which are made use of for communicating, will hold the necessary functions to act as a tool for the prompt delivery of news and information. Furthermore, social media news can create a major presence for police, which in turn can result in awareness and the reporting of crimes.

What is impressive about the police deciding to be a part of social media is that the traffic and attention targeted towards the pages can transpire into an abundance of visitors for the police website itself. This allows community members to learn more about what is happening and how they can help.

Recent Social Media News Leads To Solving Carjacking Incidents

A further breakthrough for social media  relates to incidents such as carjacking, and how social media websites can make a dramatic difference in catching the perpetrators and helping the victims. This is sure to be the beginning of reporting incidents online, and both government authorities and the public are staying fully aware of how to do so in a timely manner, which could make a big impact on the time it takes for cases to be reported and solved.

With the significant advancement of various social media websites nowadays, the possibilities are endless for crime fighters to make communities a safer place. Without a doubt the government authorities will be putting plans into action, as a way of deterring the chances of crime rather than responding to it. Suspects and possible terrorist threats can be tracked down with social media management, and hopefully, progressive social media can help the police and FBI to learn more about regular associations, analysis, trends and probable developments.

The use of local police forces making use of social media is just one more instance of the global village and the interconnectivity in the worl. From a marketing perspective, the advances in social media mean that you have even more avenues and ways to reach your audience and increase your online brand presence.


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