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January 03, 2013

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How you manage your email marketing will have an impact on how well you are perceived as a brand. Email marketing is not 'old hat' or 'old fashioned'; it should be tried and tested by every business as an effective way of reaching out to people on a constant basis.

Email Marketing Builds Online Brand Presence

It is possible to build up your email marketing contact list by offering something free of charge to visitors of your website. For example, you can supply a free e-book to web visitors with valuable information. To be able to utilize this e-book, the web visitors will be required to submit their email address and as a result, you can send out emails to a broad group of people, which enhances the chances of a sale. Never forget why a business has a website and engages in online marketing: SALES. The more people you have on your contact list, the better the result will be, but it is vital that you include the appropriate content into your email marketing if you are to be successful.

Email Marketing in 2013 - Solutions To A Problem

If you include a solution to a problem in your email marketing plan, you can be sure that you will attract lots of people. Most people who use the Internet do so because they want their questions answered, so if you can provide this to someone in an easy-to-access manner, you can guarantee that you will make a good number of sales or gain a good number of subscribers, depending on what your goal is. Industry-wide problems and issues should be targeted so that the group of people you speak to will relate to what you are saying.

Two Top Tips For Terrific Emails

#1 Sensational Subject

The subject line on an email will drastically impact how many people actually open your emai and read it.If your subject line lacks enthusiasm or anything remotely interesting, you cannot expect people to want to buy or subscribe to your newsletter/website/social media group. Therefore, you should focus most on this. Once someone opens an email, you have gained a captive audience, so ask yourself, ‘What would I want to see on an email?’ When you understand what catches your eye, you can implement this into your email marketing plan.

#2 The Numbers Game

When an email is easy to read and can be scanned within a few seconds with a call to action at the bottom, people will be far more likely to click through and recommend to others. Numbers and organized lists are a very useful way of gaining attention with email marketing and if you use phrases like, ‘Three ways to…’ ‘Five ways to avoid…’ ‘Get …. In Four Days’, you can attract attention for your products and services.

Email marketing is a fantastic way of reaching a existing and potential clients and placing your products and services in front of them. It is also a phenomenal way of enhancing your online reputation and brand in the eyes of the public.




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