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January 11, 2010

In mid December Google was ready to pay $500 Million for the user review website The site has been around since 2004 and it is based on user-generated content in the form of online reviews of different services such as restaurants and mechanics located across the US and the United Kingdom. Yelp is also a social network; it allows users to interact with one another.

Yelp along with and Ripoff Report are just three (out of many) examples of sites that have become extremely successful because of how valuable dynamic content (i.e. the user reviews) have become. The fact that both services allow readers to follow and rank previous reviews of every commentator adds an additional element of credibility to each review. Search engines have noted this credibility as well, reviews of a hotel that were submitted to TripAdvisor often rank highly within the Google Resume of that hotel. 

Option 1 – Respond to the Negative Review

Now that it is easier to establish that specific users within these social network / review sites are somewhat “experienced” critics and do not have a specific vendetta against a specific establishment  we can discuss  the consequences of replying to a bad review online.

There is certainly an upside to monitoring what is being said about you online. Feedback of this kind should be taken into consideration, as customers do not always express their dissatisfaction with a product or a service immediately. The above mentioned review websites allow the business that is being reviewed to respond.  A general rule that we believe to be true is that most customers who feel that they have been wronged, are primarily looking to vent their anger.  

The fact that a business takes the time to respond to a negative review online is something that is looked upon favorably in the eyes of potential customers. Simply showing concern that a customer was dissatisfied is already a step in the right direction.

Reaching out to such a customer and apologizing could often mean the difference between a negative review online and a neural one. It is also important to remember that the same customer could always post a follow up comment to his or her review and state that he or she tried the service again and were satisfied.

Option 2 – Try to push down the ranking of the negative review

Search engines are in constant competition with each other for presenting the most up to date and relevant content on the web for every query.  Creating additional positive results for a business name could essentially burry a negative review of that business. Google has a history of preferring diverse and unique content.This means that creating a Youtube video, a profile on a social network and uploading a PowerPoint presentation to Slidshare all for a single business name, may reach better web visibility than creating three new results of the same kind. 

While it is imperative for a business to try to keep clients happy and be responsive to comments and reviews, unhappy customers or negative reviews are bound to emerge at some point. A mix of new and positive results along with positive reviews by clients who are happy with the service should be able to overcome negative results that may emerge.  

January 06, 2010

Marketing Yourself Online While Job Searching With the grim economical news coming from Dubai, the job market continues to be a difficult one. The latest collapse of what seemed to be a thriving economy would undoubtedly result in significant job loss, as corporate restructuring will go into affect.

Maintaining a strong Google CV is not only important for one’s online reputation but it can also be a helpful tool when applying for a new job. It has become considerably easier and faster for employees to “Google” someone than to pick up a phone and ask for recommendations.Professionals who maintain a positive business image online would have an easier time impressing prospective employers than people who do not have any web presence at all.

A recent survey by Harris Interactive for shows that researching of potential candidates on social networks by managers and human resource staff, has doubled in the past year alone. A social network such as LinkedIn or a guaranteed visibility online tool such as LookupPage can rank extremely well on search engines and provide an additional positive result when a job applicant is being searched online by an employer.

Creating a LookupPage that highlights the attributes of a candidate as well as provides links to online reports, pictures and recommendation letters can make the difference between being called back for an interview and being looked over. Another advantage of creating an online resume is that it can be accessed at any time of day and from just about anywhere. Finally, LookupPage Pro users receive a unique domain name as well as comprehensive user statistics about who has been searching for them online. This is without a doubt a great online tool for job seekers!

January 03, 2010

Traditional online email accounts are getting less traffic than in previous years. The reason for that is simple, people are emailing their friends directly from their social networks so they do not need to enter Gmail as often as they used to. Social networks are becoming stronger and are no longer used by a specific age group. 

Although there is an argument among different search engines on what is the most searched word of 2009, we feel that the most explosive and important word for 2009 is Twitter. Apparently, we are not the only ones who think this way. Only recently, Google unveiled its real time search option that will incorporate status updates from popular social networks among other real time results.

If you need any further proof on how seriously Google is taking twitter accounts create a fictitious account on twitter and conduct a Google search for that name 48 hours later. Odds are that this none - existing person will rank on the first page of Google thanks to that twitter account. Because of the fact that social media profiles usually receive indexation by Google and other search engines, creating a brand using free social media tools is certainly achievable.

Pizza Hut - Facebook fan pageFacebook

companies such as Coca Cola, Pizza Hut and U.S based restaurant Chain  T.G.I Friday’s have achieved considerable success by creating a Facebook Fan page. This can be achieved on a smaller scale by getting your friends and clients to become fans of your service. 

A solid Facebook fan page needs to be able to provide information about the business and possibly provide an added value to the fans of the brand. The Pizza Hut fan page is currently offering a 20% discount on all orders made with the Pizza Hut iPhone application as well as other coupons. 


As written above, Twitter is currently enjoying the respect of major search engines. Although getting a large following on twitter takes time and effort, it is certainly achievable. Ranking well on Google for a twitter account is certainly easier if the account is active and tweets on a regular basis. The CEO of Zappos , an online shoe retailer  is using Twitter in order to engage and be reachable by Zappos customers. By being readily available, he is strengthening the brand of his company as being attentive to what the customer wants    

Oxford Car Service - LookupPage - while it is not a social network, creating a LookupPage for a business or a professional can have tremendous return on investment (ROI). LookupPage enjoys excellent indexation by Google and creating a profile can help you establish additional positive results that often rank extremely well and contribute greatly to one’s Google Resume.  For example, you can check out Oxford Car Service which created a LookupPage for their business and their LookupPage is ranking extremely high on organic search. 

December 26, 2009

Lance Armstrong  Seven time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong is a unique athlete. Not only is he the only person to win the Tour De France more than five times, he is the only person to have won the tour seven consecutive times after recovering from advanced stage cancer. When Armstrong was 26 years old, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer that at that point had already spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain. He underwent several operations and opted for alternative form of Chemotherapy and that led to the remission of the cancer in his body.

By 1998 Armstrong was already deep into a training regiment that would spark his return to the Tour De France, The fact that Armstrong won seven tours in a row starting in 1999 and participated in yet another race in 2009 marks him as one of the greatest athletes of our time.

Lance Armstrong describes himself in the short Twitter Bio as “7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter “. Armstrong is tweeting on a regular basis about his daily life, travel, cycling and of course, the Lance Armstrong foundation, LiveStrong, a non profit organization which strives to inspire and empower those who have been affected by cancer. Armstrong has over 2.3 million followers on Twitter. He is using Twitter to engage his fans about topics that are important to him and to promote his organization via the micro blog.    

Lance Armstrong is an exceptional athlete that could get the attention of the world media in many ways. The Fact that he chose to have an ongoing relationship with his followers via Twitter is a complement to the technology and the recognition of how ground breaking it really is. Businesses and professionals are choosing to use Twitter as a part of their marketing effort because it is currently enjoying solid web visibility from search engines, meaning that a Twitter account could often rank highly within the Google CV of a professional or a business. Please Follow LookupPage on Twitter to learn more about online visibility social media optimization and online reputation management. 

December 23, 2009

Mark Zuckerberg, the 25 year old founder and CEO of Facebook conducted his interview for “60 Minutes” a few years ago when he was wearing flip-flops. Zuckerberg’s appearance was not viewed as disrespect to the popular television news magazine as the American public is infatuated with success stories of this caliber – a young person who has come up with an incredibly popular social network and is already worth 2 billion dollars at an age most people only graduate from college he was allowed to dress as the 23 year old that he was.   

Zuckerberg has found himself in facing an online reputation problem last week when new Facebook privacy guidelines that are allowing more access to other people’s content (even if you are not their facebook friend) have enabled the public to look through his personal photos. In one of the pictures from Zuckerberg’s college days he is seen lounging in his pajamas wearing women’s shoes and clutching a teddy bear. This photo would not be more than an embarrassing image except for the fact that a medal object that looks like a pot-smoking pipe is sitting on the table right next to him, along with some beer bottles.

Obviously this problem goes beyond a negative online image, Facebook is making an effort to become more open and gain the type of growth Twitter currently is enjoying, the issue with that is that facebook is more personal. People are uploading stuff there they do not necessarily want to share with the world – case in point photo below. Facebook failed at protecting the privacy of their young CEO and in addition raised the issue of their privacy guidelines for public debate.

The other problem that surfaced along with this photo is that Facebook in an attempt to become a publicly traded company cannot afford that its CEO will be associated with drug use. Shareholders are looking for an impeccable record when entrusting their money with a company and a CEO who is very young as it is will have trouble convincing them that he is the right person to lead the company forward. In order to be taken seriously in the future Mark Zuckerberg will have show that he has matured. Images of him in a suite and tie at conferences will have to surface regularly if he has any chance of cleaning up his Google Resume.  


December 17, 2009

Wordpress  If you follow several blogs or even read a blog post every now and then there is a good chance that Wordpress was used in the process of publishing the content you are reading. Wordpress is an open source blog publishing application that is being used on more than 202 million websites around the world. People love to voice their opinions and one way to do that online is by blogging. When it comes to establishing an online presence, a sure fire way to get a Google ranking for your name would be to keep a blog.

The main reason people are drawn to use Wordpress for their blog is the simplicity of use that it offers. Another element that is taken into consideration with Wordpress is how big and popular it has become. Bloggers are interested in improved SEO – search engine optimization for their content. More traffic could mean money in their pocket from the sales of ads or simply the satisfaction of knowing that more people in cyberspace are connecting with what you have to say. 

Google bots are not in the business of missing new and fresh content so Google will not overlook a platform used by millions of users provided unique content is added to each blog on a regular basis. In other words, when people create a web site out of thin air they are often required to submit the site to Google for indexing. This is not necessary when creating a new blog on Wordpress. Google bots will index a new Wordpress blog because it was created on Wordpress and will continue to do so as long as new content is posted frequently. 

Google strives to find the most relevant content possible for every search. This also means that the search engine bots are looking for different types of content. We all receive video and image results for our queries for a reason, people actually clicking on them; otherwise Google would not be presenting them at all. Because Google is looking for anything relevant, it is taking into consideration just about any type of file in cyberspace as long as it relevant to the search query. Blogs in general are very relevant. They are often personal and are updated on a regular basis. A WordPress blog has the potential of ranking extremely high in a person’s Google CV  provided the blog is updated frequently.

December 14, 2009

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you will be only too aware of the controversy surrounding former Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean. Still, in order to fully understand what's been going on, here are the simple facts in black and white.

Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean came under fire at the 2009 Miss USA Pageant when she answered that she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, after Perez Hilton asked for her opinion of gay marriage. "We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised."

Hilton publicly vilified her for her lack of political awareness but there was also some speculation in the media that her response was valid because she answered honestly as opposed to giving the politically correct answer just to win the title.

Of course that’s not the end of the story. Just two months after winning her title, topless photos of Carrie started to do the rounds on the internet and pageant officials began to question whether Prejean was an appropriate candidate to represent the state of California. Donald Trump, owner of the Miss World beauty pageant, ruled in her favor and decided to allow her to complete her year in office. However, Prejean was officially fired in June 2009 for alleged "breach of contract".

There is no question that during this whole fiasco, Carrie Prejean's reputation has come under fire, which brings us back to the question in hand: who needs online reputation management?  In today's world of advanced online technology there are countless ways to ensure damage control and one can only hope that Carrie's team of advisors and public relation officers will do their best in ensuring that her reputation is restored as soon as possible.

Whichever side of the fence you are on when it comes to the hot topic of gay marriage, one thing is for sure: should you ever find yourself in hot water for expressing your opinions, remember this name – – the place where you can control  information found  on the internet and professionally manage your online reputation.

December 07, 2009

With the holiday season approaching fast, a best selling toy is facing a serious online reputation problem. A San Francisco based consumer lab named GoodGuide tested the Go Go Hamster, a furry hamster toy manufactured in China by Zhu Zhu and reached troubling results. The findings that GoodGuide reached was that one of the models of the toy contained a high level of Antimony on the toy's nose and hair, which may be linked to cancer, lung and heart problems.

The Go Go Hamster, a small hamster toy that squeaks and runs across the floor became a hit this holiday season partly because of its low price in a difficult economic period. It had already been marked as one of this season’s hottest toys. A speaker for Character Options the distributor of the toy in the UK said only a week ago that the company is expecting to sell north of 600,000 hamsters before the end of the year. The toy that became a hit partly because of its low retail price of £10 was picked up by speculators who assumed the toy would sell out and would fetch a higher price on eBay or Amazon.

Russ Hornsby, chief executive of the firm Cepia, said in a statement "We want to assure everyone already enjoying Mr. Squiggles or other Zhu Zhu Pets, and those planning to purchase Mr Squiggles or another Zhu Zhu Pet this holiday season, that the toy is 100% safe and in compliance with all US and European toy safety standards.” This statement on behalf of Zhu Zhu is a good start but the fact is that the Google Resume for the term Go Go Hamster is currently very negative

What can a business do if it is finds itself in an online reputation crisis?

Zhu Zhu would be smart to address the concerns of its customers in the most direct way possible. It would be of sound strategy to occupy themselves with the people who have already entrusted their children’s health with the company. By addressing the customer, the company is not only showing that it stands behind its product but also that it is thinking long-term and not only about short term sales for this coming holiday season. The company should follow what Comcast and Domino’s Pizza have done in the past and establish a twitter account so that people could contact the company directly and receive answers for their question. This would show the company is tackling the issue heads on and is not trying to bury the story.

Google results

November 29, 2009

  Google Alerts  

One of the reasons Google has become so powerful in the past decade is the fact that they have come up with excellent tools for the online community to use at no immediate cost to the end user. Because so many of us have a Gmail account, it is very convenient to click a single button and remain within Google property for photo sharing on Picasa or reading Tom Friedman’s latest article on Google Reader. Google is simply making money from offering relevant ads and services while making our lives easier. Their strong targeting is a result of knowing what we have been searching online and emailing about to our friends.

 Monitoring the performance of a website has become easier with Google Analytics, a free tool as well. Any person who has website nowadays can monitor the traffic the site is receiving and determine several important factors such as which key words generated the page view, the physical origin of the search and the type of internet browser used to visit the site. It was worthwhile for Google to give out Analytics free of charge because they realized that its full integration with Google Adwords would sell many sponsored listings.

Which free tool is Google offering to monitor my online brand reputation?

Although it is imperative for a business or a professional to establish a positive Google resume, there are tools that can be used to monitor new results on a day-to-day basis.   Google Alerts is a great tool for knowing what is being said online. It is very easy to set up an alert and the user can determine how often he or she will be receiving notices from Google, it can also be stopped at any time. A business can set up an alert for its name and the name of its competitors so that when new information appears they would be notified.  

How does Google Alerts Work? 

Google bots are constantly “crawling” the web. If an alert has been set up and they notice a change or new content regarding the topic of the alert, they send out an email with a link to the new content.


November 25, 2009

Michelle Obama Negative Image
A distorted image of Michelle Obama has surfaced on the internet in the past few days, but the Los Angeles Times reports this morning that Google would not remove the image from its index. Google says it does not remove any page unless it contains illegal content or violates the company’s webmaster guidelines. In an advertisement that appears over the image, Google apologizes for any feelings hurt using the popular search engine and directs a link to lengthier message explaining how the Google algorithm works. Google in this message also says that it agrees the image is offensive and that it does not represent Google in any way.   

In March 2009, Matt Cutts the head of Google’s web spam team published a blog post on why Google does not remove pages simply because someone does not like their content. It appears that Google is holding on to their standard practices despite of the pressure from the white house and the public to stray from the norm on this particular case.

This unfortunate image is a reminder to all of us that Google Image Search results are an integral part of ones Google CV. It is vital to monitor all types of content that are associated with the name of a professional or a business in order to react and conduct damage control in a timely manner in times where an online reputation and image is being tarnished. In a blog post from September 21, 2009, we discussed how to remove embarrassing images from Google image Search. Back then we found rather silly photos of President George Bush and used him as our example. This time around, these images feel a lot more hateful. 

November 23, 2009

Workthing+ Workthing+  is an online service that gives jobseekers everything they need to manage their career in one place. It provides essential tools and advice that previously were only available to senior executives.

The Digital Development Director for Trinity Mirror's E-Recruitment businesses and a digital media expert, Gareth Lloyd talks with us on what makes Workthing+ so unique and how web visibility can affect a job seeker’s chances of landing a job.

What differentiates Workthing+ from other recruitment web sites in the Trinity Mirror Digital Recruitment group? 

Workthing+ is much more than a recruitment website. It’s a comprehensive service for jobseekers, offering the kind of structured career search support that until now have been prohibitively expensive to unemployed people looking for work. We are not paid by recruiters advertising vacancies – our clients are the candidates themselves, so candidates are our sole focus.
Of course, we’ve also got over 50 job boards in the Trinity Mirror Digital Recruitment portfolio with over 4m registered candidates and 500,000 applications per month. Overall, we have a substantial presence in the market.

Workthing+ was launched approximately 5 months ago, how do you feel the job market has changed during this time?

The job market seems to have stratified to two extremes. There are an increasing number of people who have been out of work for many months – long-term unemployment is a real concern. And then there are other areas where candidates are really in short supply, and good candidates are being picked up really quickly. 

We’ve seen candidates who claim to have done thousands of applications, and then wonder why these are not resulting in interviews. Workthing+ is all about helping smarter candidates get ahead of the game – helping them understand that being a jobseeker is a job in itself, and that job probably requires a very different set of skills to those they would use in their normal job. The challenge for jobseekers is accelerating their jobsearch – and that means quality, focus and structure – rather than ‘spray and pray’. 

One of the biggest changes over the past 5 months is that jobseekers are starting to realize that they can’t always succeed on their own, and that generic advice and support from the Job Centre is just not enough to make a difference.

In what way would you say Workthing+ clients are different from clients of other online recruitment services?

Firstly, our clients are the jobseekers not the recruiters – so our responsibility is to help the jobseeker in whatever way we can.  There is no doubt it takes time and effort to find a job, and we are open and honest about that: Workthing+ members have to put a lot in, and if they do, they get a lot out. It’s the opposite of those job boards that allow candidates to do an easy ‘1 click’ application – as though that’s all it takes to get a job. So, we appeal to the more serious jobseeker, someone who is willing to invest in their job search and career.

Are you guys happy with the rate in which subscribers are finding new jobs?

All the indication from our exit polls and other data indicate we have got a good strike rate. Now, there’s a grey area where we can’t be certain if a person got a job because they were a Workthing+ member, or whether they would have got the job anyway. Our members like and continue to use the service – we have a 70%+ renewal rate each month – and the feedback in terms of success rates is good.

What would you say is the biggest issue that job applicants struggle with when searching for a new job?

Candidates simply are not experts in the recruitment market – hopefully they don’t make a career out of looking for a job! Even if they are expert in their own field, they don’t understand how the process works and how recruitment consultants, HR departments and employers operate. So they don’t know what to expect and how to take control of the process.

How important do you think it is for a job applicant to have positive results come up on a Google search for their name?

Extremely. Any misrepresentation of your name or other negative results could be the difference between being offered a job or being passed over for someone else. Not only do these results need to be positive, they need to be accurate. Having some positive professional results is a good validation for a future employer that you are who you say you are, and you know what your CV claims – it’s virtual reference-checking.

Will having no results on Google ever become a deterring factor for an employer?

Most substantial employers would expect professional hires to have a relevant online presence, and would be confused if you had no web presence. Everyone who’s ever been online has a digital footprint – whether they realize it or not. The way I like to look at it is there’s no excuse for ignoring your online presence any more than ignoring what you wear to an interview. There’s a lot that can be done for free, requiring minimum time and effort. And for the more senior professional, services like the premium LookupPage offering are a valuable way to take control of your online presence. 


Gareth LloydGareth Lloyd

Digital Development Director, Trinity Mirror

Gareth is the Digital Development Director for Trinity Mirror's E-Recruitment businesses, managing over 50 recruitment websites. His career includes company directorships and C-suite roles in listed companies, fast-growing owner-managed businesses and as a director in a leading global consultancy firm. He has spent half his media and advertising career in Sydney and half in London, and has specialised in e-recruitment and digital media for the past 6 years.

November 15, 2009

Twitter trending topics are a great way to know what is on people’s mind and what they are twitting about right now. The fact that these lines are being written on a Sunday morning, 12 hours after the airing of "Saturday Night Live" in the United States has a lot to do with “SNL” being a trending topic at the moment on Twitter, as many people are simply reacting to the popular sketch show.

SNL is television show broadcasted across the United States for over 34 years and as a result, a Google query for SNL returns 10.5 millions pages. The fact that SNL is a trending topic will not necessarily affect its Google Resume, but what happens to the web visibility of an unknown person or company that for one reason or another becomes a trending topic on Twitter?

The short answer: becoming a trending topic on Twitter for an unknown person or business could have an immediate and lasting effect on the way this entity would show up on search engines. 

Trending topics on Twitter are often marked with hashtags (#) as the person who is originally twitting is interested in further input or the continuation of the discussion about the topic at hand.  When explaining what a hashtags is says, “Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets, similar to how tags work for blogs”. 

If a professional or a businesses that had limited visibility on the web becomes a trending topic on Twitter even for one hour, this would create thousands of hashtags, or essentially thousands of tags that a search engine would associate with that name. A business that becomes a trending topic for doing something negative could be facing a serious online reputation problem, as this negative association is not coming from one source but many. Although it is not a small company, AT&T is certainly feeling the affects of letting its customers down across the United States. Google #attfail to learn more.

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