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April 23, 2014

Hey LookUpPage Fans!

If you want to increase your company’s social presence but don’t know where to start - GOOD! Before you even begin tinkering with social media, it’s important that you form an action plan.

With so many different social sites around today, it’s not always possible to find the time or resources to invest effectively in every single one. Without a knowledge base for action, you could end up beefing up your Pinterest page for people who prefer to connect on Twitter or forgetting to update your Pinterest page when you’re targeting photographers.

Forming an action plan for building your company’s social presence allows you to highlight and target exactly what your audience wants so you’re not wasting time on what they don’t. We’re here to help you get started - here are five steps to social media success!


1. Identify and understand your audience so you can create content they want.

Figure out what social media sites they use most, and don’t forget about niche audiences outside of your target base. By studying your audience’s interests and activity, you can better cater to them specifically, so they gobble up the content you create rather than simply clicking past to something that piques their interest more.


2. Focus on the long-term when creating content.

Increasing followers may help your social media presence in the short term, but ultimately, creating content your users consistently respond to and engage with builds long-term brand credibility.

Since you have targeting what your audience wants to engage with, make sure you not only create relevant content but also form a plan for establishing long-term engagement.

Combining online content with promotions or adding incentives is a good short-term way to boost engagement, but in addition, focus on regularly interacting with your consumers in a sincere way.


3. Sharing is caring.

Sharing boosts your SEO, but most importantly, consumers pay attention to what others are liking and sharing. Make sure your content is easy to find, e-mail, bookmark, and share across different social media channels. Keep up with what users are sharing and respond to their input.

You can even use meta-social strategies by re-posting shared content on a company blog and publicly thanking and/or offering an incentive to the consumers who shared it the most.

4. Use your competition to your advantage.

Look at what is working - and not working - for other brands. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your competition as allies. Offer guest blogs, share others’ content, and interact with other companies on social media to build your company’s credibility in their audience’s minds.

In today’s interconnected world, don’t be shy. The social butterfly always looks better than a wallflower.

5. Don’t just push out content.

Remember, today’s online experience is not just about Facebook and Twitter, it’s a total social ecosystem. Make yourself an authority on relevant topics by guest blogging and staying active on forums. And most importantly, never forget that when it comes to engagement, customer service creates long-term brand trust.

Check review sites that your company is advertised on and respond to users’ compliments and critique. Always answer forum questions promptly, and don’t just post on social media waiting for likes. If someone comments, respond!

Once you’ve established your company’s social presence, don’t just sit back passively and wait. It’s important to know what are your customers clicking on, liking, tweeting, and sharing – as well as what they aren’t. Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your communications by looking at consumer participation, search term shifts, and SEO statistics.


Written by the marketing team at Ranky.

June 03, 2012

Seo links

To enjoy an enhanced online visibility you need to keep track of and respond to the constant changes in search engine tools and algorithms.Google  has changed the way that it ranks content that is presented on some of the directories that publish and distribute materials. The claim is that this is the new wave of weeding out bad materials. While it is true that unique content is the way to better ranking, you need to be careful that you are not caught in the Google vs. Yahoo crossfire in the war for web domination.

Google Vs. Yahoo For Enhanced Online Visibility

Farms like Associated Content and E-zine are all a part of the Yahoo family, which makes it impossible for anyone putting an article on their website to get the recognition that once was given out by Google. Instead, those who publish on these websites will constantly be placed further down the ranking. There are two major methods that you can use to help increase your online reputation and be ranked by both search engine giants.

Online Brand Presence and SEO

The first part of the solution is to make sure that your content is direct and to the point. Leave out the extras that lengthen your content but don't add value. Readers are interested in the who, what, where, why and when. They can spot a repeated phrase and sentences that have no meaning. Secondly, using keywords and synonyms is vital to every article or blog, just be sure they are used correctly and not overused.

​If you’re interested in Google local SEO for your website and enhanced online visibility, you must not forget the giant of all web crawlers that works for the Google Farmers. We know very well that it is important to be picked up by Google. When you place articles on Yahoo! through Associated Content, do not ​expect them to be picked up by Google. For an individual to be picked up by Google you need to get a Google email account, create a blog site, then place your blogs and articles on your own website.

Valuable content is produced by contributors who are knowledgeable about their subject matter and know how to infuse their content with Google local SEO friendly content as well as know where to place it on the World Wide Web. There are many different sources of traffic on the web that allow people to find you and for your to capture enhanced online visibility. All these sources look for content that is concise, engaging, and informative.


February 10, 2012

All too often a small business has a great product or service but can’t understand why their enhanced online visibility is nowhere to be found.  Quite often the problem isn’t their service or products but rather their inability to reach their target audience.  When working on a company online marketing plan with the goal of building and maintaining an enhanced online visibility target audiences must be thoroughly researched and decided upon before attempting online marketing strategies.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Begin at the Beginning

When developing one’s target audience for online marketing with the intent being to increase enhanced online visibility a small business should start by making a physical list of all the attributes of their target customer(s).  Are they male or female? What income level? What education level?  All these question matter when determining where time and resources should be spent in regards to online strategies.

Enhanced Online Visibility – Think like the Customer

Once the target audience has been thought through and a  list of attributes for each target customer has been assigned the small business owner must determine where their target audience will be online.  If one determines their largest pool of target customers is sixty to eighty years old and of limited means what are the odds of their being active on Twitter and Facebook?

Although the target customer, originally determined, may be that demographic and Facebook may not be a good meeting ground one must take a second look at their target audience.  Would the target customers’ children be on Facebook and Twitter? Might online marketing aimed at them rather than their parents for whom the product or service is designed be more practical?

Enhanced Online Visibility – Trust in the Numbers

After enacting various online marketing strategies such as social media, blogs and forum posting on industry blogs every small business owner needs to make the time on a regular basis to check the numbers to see if their hard work in the online community is paying off.  There are several programs and websites dedicated to analytics that will clearly show where traffic is coming from and the demographic composition of one’s traffic.  Even a simple Google search of the business name will give one an idea of how their business’s enhanced online visibility is doing.

It is easy when creating and structuring an online marketing plan to forget the very foundation of any business – the customers.  Online marketing allows a business exciting new ways to market their business, interact with current and future customers and keep an eye on the competition.  All of that is for naught, though, if a business’s enhanced online visibility is lacking due to mistargeting of audience.

January 27, 2012

We talk a lot about the importance of blogging to create online brand presence and while that is true there is a component of the blog that is often times overlooked.  In short, a blog is a social experience which builds community around one’s service or product.  If a business views their blog this was online brand presence is greatly enhanced.  If they see their blog as a way to increase search engine rank or make a sale online brand presence will be slow in attaining.

A blog might seem like a lonely task, information only going in one direction, from the writer to the audience, but in fact it is an online conversation.  A recent article explained just how important the social aspect of blogging really is to building an online brand presence.  Within the article several tips were given for small businesses to keep in mind when writing blog posts.

Online Brand Presence through Blogging – Communicate

The audience is every bit as important as the writer as a blogpost is a conversation not a lecture.  A post should pose questions to the audience and expect answers in the form of comments.  One relatively new way to engage readers and promote comments is to add social media buttons to each post.  These are small Facebook ‘like’ and Twitter ‘tweet’ buttons that allow readers to send a link to the blog post to their respective social media account.  This is one of the best ways to create and maintain online brand presence available today.

Online Brand Presence through Blogging – Content

While the content will be ultimately determined by one’s industry there are certain topics that readers do not want to see in a post. Small businesses should refrain from technically complicated (above their average audience’s knowledge) information, bland industry news and vulgarity.  Controversial topics are great if they are not too divisive.  Controversy can be a great conversation starter or it can be damaging.  Topics should be part of the overall social media plan with controversial topics one possible strategy to increase online brand presence.

Once a small business gets the hang of writing a blog and is beginning to see involvement from their target audience it is time to take their writing to the next level and seriously begin working on their online brand presence.  By becoming aware of subtle manipulations to one’s company’s blog can make the time invested writing and maintaining it well worth it. Building and creating online brand presence is a job all in itself and when a business works smarter they reach their goals quicker.

January 13, 2012

Now that we are squarely in 2012 everyone must begin to look to the year ahead and how to better their enhanced online visibility.  New reports of what to expect in every industry are coming out by the bucket loads.  After reviewing the predicted trends in industries related to enhanced online visibility we’ve pulled a view that are worth mentioning.  The biggest prediction we have noticed has to do with Google and the changes predicted in its algorithms used to determine rank. 

Google is going to battle in 2012 with those who manipulate the algorithms to get ahead.  They are focusing on the quality of web content rather than the quality.  Up until this point to raise one’s rank and enhanced online visibility in the process more pages needed to be added to a website.  Google interpreted that as good because obviously a company who has many pages has a lot to say.  Well, we all know that necessarily isn’t the truth.

There is a fine line between manipulating search rank algorithms and using guidelines to increase one’s likelihood of receiving a higher rank creating a more vibrant enhanced online visibility.  We have tried within the posts of this blog to feature tried and true ways of competing in the brave new world of online marketing by building an online brand presence and enriching enhanced online visibility.  These trends noted in the 2012 predictions (not the end of the world predictions) are in concurrence with our advice.  In short, to achieve an enhanced online visibility companies must devote the time and experience necessary to get the job done right.

Now that the Google Panda is onboard with this ideology we expect some big changes in 2012.  First of all, things are going to get more competitive.  As Smartphone activations are growing exponentially more and more people are utilizing search engines making those top ranks even more coveted than ever.  As Google and other search engines are realizing the underhanded schemes to improve rank through less than honest methods and begin cracking down on such practices new less than honest practices will emerge confusing companies even more.

Again, we fall back on do the job right.  There are no shortcuts to creating an enhanced online visibility.  There is no magic trick that one can do to become an overnight search engine sensation.  Creating a viable enhanced online visibility is possible for any company if they stick to the tried and true methods and heed advice given by the experts in the field.

January 11, 2012

This entire blog is devoted to helping companies and individual business owners develop and maintain an online brand presence.  Contained within pages and pages helpful articles are all kinds of tips and strategies gathered from some of the best marketing and SEO marketing firms and specialists in the world.  Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis has by this point recognized themes – advice we repackage and reword time and time again in an effort to stress their importance in building an online brand presence.

Well, we feel vindicated.  Recently PRWeb reported in an article the top SEO tips and trends for 2012 as predicted from some of the world’s best companies.  Within the list are topics we just can’t discuss enough in this blog aimed at helping create an online brand presence.  Here is a simplified summation:

1)    Keyword Optimization and Research – companies must do thorough research into what keywords customers and potential customers are sticking into search engines when looking for services and products.

2)    Linking – There is simply no easier way to build an online brand presence than to link, link, link. 

3)    Social Media – Companies expecting to compete in this day and age must develop a strong online brand presence through social media.

4)    Forum Commenting – Perhaps one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote an online brand presence is through participating in online communities by commenting on forums and other blogs. 

5)    Review Submissions – Providing well-written, thought provoking reviews of products or services in one’s industry is a great way to link.  Most of the time the reviews will be posted with a link back to one’s company.  Online brand presence is built and rankings are raised.

These are just five of the recommended best practices for companies wanting to improve their rankings on popular search engines and in turn increase their online brand presence.  Although all of these tips seem relatively simple they do require time and dedication, something many companies honestly do not have available.  To get the job done right hiring a professional may be the best decision.  After all a strong online brand presence will bring in far more revenue than the cost of any SEO or marketing expert.

January 04, 2012

Often companies turn to building a blog to create their online brand presence.  If nothing else they believe it will attract a few more customers.  While blogging can have quite an effect on increased online brand presence it must be done right.  One of the issues those new to blogging are guilty of is only including text in each post. 

Of course the text is the most important part of a post and a lot of focus in the area of SEO marketing in regards to crafting one’s online brand presence is spent fixating on the content of a blogpost it is not the only thing to include in a post.  Each post should have at least one non-text item like a photo, multimedia item or video. 

Online Brand Presence and the Blog – Pictures

Adding a picture to every post is easy and effective.  The Google Panda loves pictures and it will, if other components of a great blog are in order, raise ranking on Google search. While any picture will do try and choose one that best suits the material being discussed.  If a photograph of merchandise is a good choice, throw it in.  Otherwise, there are plenty of great free pictures available on the internet life

Online Brand Presence and the Blog – Video

 Not only does adding a video to a blog post add ranking value but it also adds quality and a level of professionalism.  If one adds just any video to the post in an effort to increase ranking and online brand presence it will probably get flagged and suffer a penalization from Google and other search engines.  More importantly if customers of a company take the time to read the blog and then are subjected to a pointless video they feel used.  It’s just not worth it.

Instead only add a video if the video adds value to the post. Most companies keep video of conferences, meetings and how-to guides for products.  Even a commercial may fit a particular post.  The main thing to remember when incorporating video into a blog is that one must think creatively and put the readers’ interest as top priority – not Google rankings.

All in all, any company serious about beefing up their online brand presence through blogging should take the time to do it right.  Adding video and pictures is a great and easy way to start.  If one does not have the time or desire to devote the required effort to creating and maintaining an effective blog they should hire a professional well-versed in SEO marketing to deliver a stellar online brand presence.

January 03, 2012

Most companies focused on creating an enhanced online visibility have been convinced of the value of adding a blog onto their website.  Unfortunately, their blog is not doing all that it can to produce the enhanced online visibility for which it was designed.  There are several common errors companies make with their blog that can easily be fixed with a little dedication and time.  For companies whose blog problems are because of a lack of both time and dedication considering hiring a professional company to maintain the blog might be the best solution.

For everyone else, there are a few things to try before calling in the professionals:

1)    Blog Often – There is nothing worse than a spotty blog for creating an enhanced online visibility – one that posts randomly with huge gaps between dates.  Try to commit to at least three posts per week.  The posts do not have to be novellas, but just something interesting .  If you try to post boring filler your audience will know and desert you.

2)    Take Advantage of Guest Bloggers – No one like to post every day or every other day.  Similarly your audience doesn’t want to hear your opinions all the time unless you’re a celebrity.  By inviting a guest to post every now and then you shake up the blog and impress search engines.

3)    Link Carefully – Don’t go crazy with the linking.  Yes, links are vital to a successful blog and an enhanced online visibility but if you go nuts you will only offend the delicate Google Panda and cause guests to never click on your links.  When reading through a new post consider what YOU would like to click on to learn more about.  Then link appropriately.

4)    Write About Real Issues – A golden rule for writing of any genre is to write what is interesting. If it’s not interesting to the author it sure won’t be to the reader.  Even if you are the primary blogger for your website and therefore responsible for enhanced online visibility and are getting sick and tired of writing about your chosen industry day after day, boring posts are not okay.  Find a new angle.  Take a break.  Do whatever you need to keep every post fresh and interesting.

A blog might seem simple in theory but in reality it takes a lot of work to do it right.  The payout for a blog done right, however, is exactly what every company needs to build an enhanced online visibility.  All companies need to be honest with themselves and decide if they can handle blogging for enhanced online visibility or if a professional is needed to do it right.

December 29, 2011

For a while now all the experts have been throwing out suggestions on how to increase rank on search engines.  Incorporating video into one’s website or online brand presence is just one of the ways to do this.  Many people are confused by how to do this and intimidated by the thought alone and therefore avoid it in lieu of simpler methods of increasing online brand presence like starting a Twitter account.

We understand the intimidation and would like to simplify the process for all those companies that wish to improve their online brand presence but have yet to step into the exciting world of video.  Before setting up the webcam and shooting the first movie every company should understand exactly what how powerful YouTube is and what it can do for their online brand presence.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

And words are worth quite a lot as well which is why YouTube is such a great marketing tool.  By combining both companies are able to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at their company.  Companies can use video to offer tutorials for products or service, show new items before they’re available or introduce new employees and showcase their talents.  Regardless of what a company posts on YouTube about their company the result can only be positive and encourage an online brand presence.

Engaging Customers through YouTube

Some of the most successful advertising campaigns in the past few years have been run entirely by a company’s customer base.  Coke threw out a challenge to their customers to create unique videos portraying interpretations of Coke’s newest marketing slogan and awarded prizes to winners.  Other companies have followed suit and encourage new and emerging artists to post their videos with casting votes for their favorites.  Through this subtle product placement a company can grow a larger customer base and increase their online brand presence.

Including YouTube Videos in the Company Blog

Anyone these days can embed a YouTube video into a blog making it a wonderful way to increase rank on search engines, engage readers and break up the monotony which afflicts many blogs.  Whether it be an interview, a how-to guide or a funny video by adding it to the company blog it will aid in building the company’s online brand presence – guaranteed.

While YouTube might be a little daunting to those not familiar with creating videos it is a necessity in today’s marketing world.  Any company not yet utilizing the website should spend some time exploring YouTube checking out what the competition is doing because chances are the competition is already using it and increase their online brand presence.

December 27, 2011

In previous posts I have talked about certain characteristics websites need to possess in order for search engines to rank them higher creating, in turn, an enhanced online visibility.  The top-dog of search engines, Google, released its Panda updates to the Google algorithms in early 2011 knocking the SEO world on its back.  The changes in how they ranked pages was huge and if the April release of Panda was the megaquake then the six minor changes since then have been aftershocks.  Thankfully, Google announced in December 2011 that Panda was taking a vacation until January 2012.  At last, a chance for everyone trying to increase their rank on Google and build their enhanced online visibility can breathe for a few weeks.

We say, no! This is not a time to rest.  This is the perfect time to revamp one’s website checking for anything and everything that may be lowering the page rank and reducing its ability to cultivate an enhanced online visibility. By spending a few weeks while Panda is away (and getting ready for the next attack) cleaning up a company’s website, they’ll increase their enhanced online visibility and be in a better position to fight new changes when they come around.

Enhanced Online Visibility and Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when an unscrupulous website identifies keywords pivotal to their enhanced online visibility and then fills fluff pages with said keywords.  The result is page after page of useless words used to lure unsuspecting searchers to a website.  Panda really cracked down on such underhanded methods of increasing rank and now companies must be mindful of the amount of keywords used per page of content.

Enhanced Online Visibility and Broken Links

Links break. Unfortunately search engines use broken links against a website featuring them.  While most broken links are unintentional and companies don’t even realize they are there, they will be a detriment should the Panda find them.  This is the perfect time to test every link to ensure that they are live and functional. 

Enhanced Online Visibility and Professional Clean Up

While these are just a few suggestions for companies wanting to build their enhanced online visibility in 2012 they are important.  To really make the most on a website and launch online visibility into the stratosphere a company’s best bet is to turn to professionals.  They have the knowledge and resources to stay on top of problems, anticipate changes to search engine algorithms and make subtle changes to websites should the need arise.  When committing to increasing one’s enhanced online visibility trusting the work to a professional is usually the best choice.

December 20, 2011

Small and mid-sized companies are always looking for inexpensive ways to increase their online brand presence.  Thanks to social media that can be done with no more investment that the time required to create and maintain a social media profile.  Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social media scene for the last few years but might have a run for their money with Google’s introduction of Google+.  This newest social media experience easily facilitates a company’s growing online brand presence and is easy to do.

Online Brand Presence at the Heart of Social Media

In essence social media turns every one of their users into a brand.  The more a person interacts with others within the realm of that website the more prominent their brand becomes.  Smart companies have realized this and have jumped head first into the cultural phenomena.  By creating a profile for one’s company current customers, potential customers and everyone in between can keep tabs on the company’s doings and receive constant advertising. Most important to building an online brand presence, though, is the daily reminders all one’s customers will have of a company’s product or service.

The Benefits of Google+ when Creating Online Brand Presence

Unlike Facebook and Twitter Google+ marketed their social media site at an older, more professional audience.  Also, regardless of whether one really likes Google+ there is no denying there are certain perks to belonging.  First and foremost the Google machine loves itself and when building an online brand presence raising Google ranking is the best method.  Google+ does have some advantages to its program and many experts in online marketing have already began to maximize these features to build an online brand presence.

No matter what size a company may be it is a best practice to draw as much attention to one’s brand as possible.  When that attention is free, it’s even better!  Social media is a free way to build an online presence.  While it may be free it is expensive in time commitment.  To utilize social media sites like Google+ one must be prepared to update their sites regularly, respond to comments, engage in on-going conversations and constantly look for potential customers.  Companies who make the commitment to Google+ can see immediate and long-term rewards, most importantly an increased online brand presence as demonstrated in higher Google rankings.

December 14, 2011

One of the most important goals of any online marketing campaign is building an online brand presence through ranking with Google and other search engines. A company’s site ranking high in organic searches does not happen through serendipity, but rather through a specific, detailed approach combining many SEO strategies.  One of the easiest strategies with immediate results is to gain site traffic through inbound links from other domains.

A recent article explains step-by-step how and where to create external links to bolster online brand presence and goes on to remind companies the importance of inter-departmental cooperation in SEO marketing when increasing online brand presence is the goal. Many strategies are available when creating inbound links to company web content and creativity is the key.

One popular option is to create fun quizzes and surveys that will direct traffic to one’s company and product.  By aiming the quizzes at target audiences a company can expand their customer base and increase their search rankings. 

Another option is to utilize social media.  Best practice suggests that brands that utilize social media increase their online brand presence more than those who don’t.  By embedding links to a company’s site within social media (Facebook page, Twitter account, etc…) current customers are likely to click and land on one’s site accomplishing the inbound link strategy.

Placing a company’s link on a blog, social media account or other type of web page with a similar audience to that which a company has is a good way to increase customers, increase inbound link traffic and increase online brand presence.  Creating a company widget so that it can be embedded within blogs is a great way to easily accommodate.

Finally, working with PR teams can seriously increase a company’s online brand presence.  Every press release and partner project is an opportunity for SEO growth.  Links back to the company web site should be embedded in all promotional material and in partner sites.  By closely working with PR a company’s online brand presence can be greatly improved. 

While links alone will not create a brand or move a company website to the number one ranking on organic searches, when combined with other tried and true SEO strategies it can cause online brand presence to amplify dramatically.  Following a few simple steps, thinking outside the box and waiting patiently is about all a successful linking campaign needs to be a success. 

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