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January 16, 2012

By now everyone understands the importance of social media for companies and their marketing campaigns if online brand presence in any way is desired.  No matter how big or small a company may be their presence in social media is a must.  But just designing a Facebook page is not enough to increase online brand presence.  Devotion to a brand’s page requires the same amount of effort as one’s personal page.  There are several ways to constantly improve one’s brand Facebook page, one of which being keyword optimization within the confines of Facebook.

Now that Google recognizes Facebook posts in its algorithms many marketing experts focus on using the social media giant to improve Google rank and therefore increase online brand presence.  While there is no hard in doing that companies should devote as much energy into improving their rankings within Facebook.  Keywords are also used for search on the website and companies maximizing keywords related to their industry will invariably create a stronger online brand presence.

When using social media companies have been told to keep it fresh, update daily, and find ways to keep their fans engaged to increase online brand presence.  This is great advice and is definitely the way to keep fans coming back, but how do companies get fans in the first place.  Part of building an online brand presence is roping in new target customers.  Not every customer is going to search for one’s company by name.  For them keywords are how they land on one’s Facebook page. 

Just like when writing original web content for one’s website social media comments must have keywords and phrases that will rank them higher in the internal search results thus building online brand presence.  Obviously the same rules apply as with web content – don’t overdo it.   The more natural one works key words and phrases into their comments the more effective it will be.  If one is a veterinarian in Peoria they would need to use phrases like ‘Peoria vet’ rather than ‘our office’ in comments. 

Thinking about what customers and potential customers will use as key words and phrases is only the first step to utilizing search engines for the maintenance of online brand presence whether they be Google or Facebook.  A lot of time and study goes into such processes and it is often in a company’s best interest to contact a professional in the industry of online marketing and development of online brand presence to get the ball rolling.

February 04, 2010

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

As nearly everyone knows by now, Google is one of the most powerful search engines and providers of online tools. When people are interested to know about you or your business, one of the first things they do is search Google. That’s right, your Google CV is the first impression people have of you, so it’s important to know how to manage your reputation in Google effectively. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Know What’s Crawled Before You Sign Up 

Every day dozens of websites ask visitors to register with their names, create a username, and establish identities in online communities. While it’s illegal to share your email with third parties, many websites and social networks have no problem sharing your name or username with Google and you can be sure that many of these websites will be some of the first results on your Google CV.

Before you sign up to a website, check to see if the website is crawled on Google. See what kind of content is showing up and then determine if you should register to the site and what information you can list there.

Keep Track of Where You’re Registered

As people register to more and more websites everyday, it can get challenging to keep track of all the separate accounts and identities that you or your business may have online. If you have a Google Account you can easily sign up for Google Docs and use a spreadsheet to keep track of all your usernames and passwords. This is a highly effective way to make sure that as you establish more online identities, that you’ll be able to update them with you or your businesses’ information easily and not leave any old information on your Google CV.

Register to Websites that Improve Your Google CV

Most people and businesses have an idea of the image they would like to portray online or an image that they’d like customers to associate with their brand. The best way to craft your Google CV is to register to high ranking websites that will improve your online image. Today there are thousands of niche social networks that rank high on Google and can improve your online identity. Some social networks, like LookupPage, rank especially high on Google and are built for helping users create a positive image online. 

Take a Pen Name

While in some social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn, is it expected that you will use your real name, many websites give you the option to use a nick name or pen name. You should only register your real name to social networks and websites that improve your online image and brand. For other websites, take a pen name or nickname so that you don’t risk having the website connected to you or your company’s Goolge CV. 

Sign Up for Google Alerts

If you have an account with Google, you can register for Google Alerts and get an email every time Google indexes a new page with your name or your business. Setting up Google Alerts is easy, and helps you to know immediately as your reputation is being built online. One tip: Make sure that you place quotations around your name when you are searching or setting up your Google Alert, this way you’ll get very targeted results.
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January 06, 2010

Marketing Yourself Online While Job Searching With the grim economical news coming from Dubai, the job market continues to be a difficult one. The latest collapse of what seemed to be a thriving economy would undoubtedly result in significant job loss, as corporate restructuring will go into affect.

Maintaining a strong Google CV is not only important for one’s online reputation but it can also be a helpful tool when applying for a new job. It has become considerably easier and faster for employees to “Google” someone than to pick up a phone and ask for recommendations.Professionals who maintain a positive business image online would have an easier time impressing prospective employers than people who do not have any web presence at all.

A recent survey by Harris Interactive for shows that researching of potential candidates on social networks by managers and human resource staff, has doubled in the past year alone. A social network such as LinkedIn or a guaranteed visibility online tool such as LookupPage can rank extremely well on search engines and provide an additional positive result when a job applicant is being searched online by an employer.

Creating a LookupPage that highlights the attributes of a candidate as well as provides links to online reports, pictures and recommendation letters can make the difference between being called back for an interview and being looked over. Another advantage of creating an online resume is that it can be accessed at any time of day and from just about anywhere. Finally, LookupPage Pro users receive a unique domain name as well as comprehensive user statistics about who has been searching for them online. This is without a doubt a great online tool for job seekers!

November 29, 2009

  Google Alerts  

One of the reasons Google has become so powerful in the past decade is the fact that they have come up with excellent tools for the online community to use at no immediate cost to the end user. Because so many of us have a Gmail account, it is very convenient to click a single button and remain within Google property for photo sharing on Picasa or reading Tom Friedman’s latest article on Google Reader. Google is simply making money from offering relevant ads and services while making our lives easier. Their strong targeting is a result of knowing what we have been searching online and emailing about to our friends.

 Monitoring the performance of a website has become easier with Google Analytics, a free tool as well. Any person who has website nowadays can monitor the traffic the site is receiving and determine several important factors such as which key words generated the page view, the physical origin of the search and the type of internet browser used to visit the site. It was worthwhile for Google to give out Analytics free of charge because they realized that its full integration with Google Adwords would sell many sponsored listings.

Which free tool is Google offering to monitor my online brand reputation?

Although it is imperative for a business or a professional to establish a positive Google resume, there are tools that can be used to monitor new results on a day-to-day basis.   Google Alerts is a great tool for knowing what is being said online. It is very easy to set up an alert and the user can determine how often he or she will be receiving notices from Google, it can also be stopped at any time. A business can set up an alert for its name and the name of its competitors so that when new information appears they would be notified.  

How does Google Alerts Work? 

Google bots are constantly “crawling” the web. If an alert has been set up and they notice a change or new content regarding the topic of the alert, they send out an email with a link to the new content.


November 25, 2009

Michelle Obama Negative Image
A distorted image of Michelle Obama has surfaced on the internet in the past few days, but the Los Angeles Times reports this morning that Google would not remove the image from its index. Google says it does not remove any page unless it contains illegal content or violates the company’s webmaster guidelines. In an advertisement that appears over the image, Google apologizes for any feelings hurt using the popular search engine and directs a link to lengthier message explaining how the Google algorithm works. Google in this message also says that it agrees the image is offensive and that it does not represent Google in any way.   

In March 2009, Matt Cutts the head of Google’s web spam team published a blog post on why Google does not remove pages simply because someone does not like their content. It appears that Google is holding on to their standard practices despite of the pressure from the white house and the public to stray from the norm on this particular case.

This unfortunate image is a reminder to all of us that Google Image Search results are an integral part of ones Google CV. It is vital to monitor all types of content that are associated with the name of a professional or a business in order to react and conduct damage control in a timely manner in times where an online reputation and image is being tarnished. In a blog post from September 21, 2009, we discussed how to remove embarrassing images from Google image Search. Back then we found rather silly photos of President George Bush and used him as our example. This time around, these images feel a lot more hateful. 

November 15, 2009

Twitter trending topics are a great way to know what is on people’s mind and what they are twitting about right now. The fact that these lines are being written on a Sunday morning, 12 hours after the airing of "Saturday Night Live" in the United States has a lot to do with “SNL” being a trending topic at the moment on Twitter, as many people are simply reacting to the popular sketch show.

SNL is television show broadcasted across the United States for over 34 years and as a result, a Google query for SNL returns 10.5 millions pages. The fact that SNL is a trending topic will not necessarily affect its Google Resume, but what happens to the web visibility of an unknown person or company that for one reason or another becomes a trending topic on Twitter?

The short answer: becoming a trending topic on Twitter for an unknown person or business could have an immediate and lasting effect on the way this entity would show up on search engines. 

Trending topics on Twitter are often marked with hashtags (#) as the person who is originally twitting is interested in further input or the continuation of the discussion about the topic at hand.  When explaining what a hashtags is says, “Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets, similar to how tags work for blogs”. 

If a professional or a businesses that had limited visibility on the web becomes a trending topic on Twitter even for one hour, this would create thousands of hashtags, or essentially thousands of tags that a search engine would associate with that name. A business that becomes a trending topic for doing something negative could be facing a serious online reputation problem, as this negative association is not coming from one source but many. Although it is not a small company, AT&T is certainly feeling the affects of letting its customers down across the United States. Google #attfail to learn more.

November 09, 2009

Lets actually start with hat a Ripoff report is, a rip off report is an online service that is meant to protect consumers from fraud both online and offline. People can air out their grievances against companies,  individuals they feel have wronged them. Ripoff report is counting on generating bad publicity for the scammer so that people who go through the Google Resume of that business or individual would be red from doing business with someone who has bad online reputation.


Why is a rip off report dangerous to a business? gets a lot of credit from major search engines including Google, not so much for its reliability but more so for the abundance of fresh content it offers. The fact that it is a user generated content website and well-built in terms of SEO, pretty much guarantees that the content presented on the site will grow on a regular basis “forcing” search engines to index the site several times a day as they attempt to stay up to date. 

If a negative report is filed under a certain business name, there is a good chance that this result would appear when people search for that business online. If more than one report is filed against a business, it will create additional negative results. The potential for to tarnish a brand is rather extensive

Can competing businesses use rip off report against each other?

Yes they can, additionally a quick read through the Ripoff report Wikipedia entry will reveal that is rather controversial. There are allegations against the site that claim that businesses who wish to respond to a negative report are forced to pay large consulting fees for a chance to reply to negative charges on the site.

How does Google react to the growing criticism of sites such as

Google says that it does not police the web and only provides a search engine that is effective at translating what is out there. The recommendations of Matt Cutts include contacting the management of the site in an attempt to remove negative results and creating new positive results for the search engine to take into consideration.

What can a professional or a business do to minimize the damages of a rip off report?

Search engines love fresh content. A new profile for a business or positive testimonials about a service will receive indexation by a search engines if they are presented correctly. The use of social media tools such as Twitter is also likely to improve the reputation of a business as it is currently getting a lot of credit from Google.

November 05, 2009

Americans are slowly realizing that Walmart is not all about providing great value and low prices. The fact that Walmart is the biggest private employer in the US with close to 1.5 million employees, puts  them in a unique position to shape the way low skilled employees are treated in the US. Many people are in the opinion that Walmart is setting a bad example to other large American employers; only one-half of Walmart employees are entitled to health insurance as a result of their employment. 

The negative public sentiment that many Americans are feeling towards the biggest corporation in world is often justified. Walmart engages in standards of practice that are well below other Fortune 500 companies. Plans for new stores often receive opposition from the local community. For example, in 1997 an Economics Professor at Iowa State named Kenneth Stone published a paper in Farm Foundation that found that small towns could lose almost half of their retail trade within 10 years of a Walmart store opening. The fact that Walmart is looking to provide the lowest price possible on all goods often leads to foreign product sourcing and reducing domestic suppliers to very slim margins of operation.

Another thing that American citizens can take offense with is that even though Walmart operates in China, Brazil, India and the United Kingdom, the only country where employees were prevented from being unionized is the US. Sam Walton’s dream of creating a chain of discount stores had indeed become a reality, but one is left to wonder if Walton would be proud of how Walmart is treating its employees today.

Walmart is the biggest retailer in world but because of how it is conducting itself, it is failing miserably at maintaining a positive online image. Walmart’s Google Resume includes three negative results in the first page alone. This blog has seen its fair share of posts about companies like KFC who have let a single issue hurt their online reputation. and Domino’s Pizza which mishandled a single event and as is still suffering from negative results on major search engines. Walmart is in a category of their own; they are targeted by several different groups and for various reasons. There are steps that Walmart could take to improve their online reputation but without significant improvement in the way they treat their employees and suppliers, more opposition will head their way.

Here's a peak at Wal-Mart's Google first page results.  


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