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June 28, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility

Learn to leverage all Google products to enjoy enhanced online visbility. Google are stepping up to the challenge of being the best in search and with them being the primary search engine provider and top Internet corporation in the world, they have a lot to live up to. With the recent introduction of their social media platform Google+, Google are hitting new milestones as they bring to light the ‘Search Plus Your World’ tool. This search tool is rather different to any other search engine listing, and what makes it so unique is the fact that it can be personalized and tailored to suit you.

An integration of Search Plus Your World into the general Google search engine homepage and search listings will make a major difference in the results that are generated. The main purpose of Search Plus Your World is to cater specific searches to the individual who is actually using Google as a resource. The social search features incorporate tools such as personal results, profiles in search and people and pages. Ultimately, this means that whatever you may be looking for on the Internet, you can find not only content based around the entirety of the web, but you can also discover information pertaining to places in your area, people you know and relationships that are yet to be established.

Personal Results On Search Plus Your World

Personal Results are one of the three tools you can make use of when you get started with Search Plus Your World. This option is very beneficial for anyone who has a Google+ account. Searches on Google are made considerably easier with this tool, should you be seeking out results relating to the opinions of people in your area. For example, if you are thinking of using a particular service but do not want to get too wide a variety of web content results which may not even be relevant to what you are looking for, you can use Personal Results as a way of obtaining truthful opinions from local Google+ users and even photos from Google+ accounts. This is an ideal way of tailoring your homepage to your specifications, and while you will constantly see these results for your general searches, nobody else will.

Profiles In Search On Search Plus Your World

Profiles In Search is the second of the three tools and this clever tool could possibly be the most innovative and valuable way of finding people all over the Internet. Much like the social media site of Google+, where you can search for individuals, you can use the Search Plus Your World option when generating search engine results to get profiles of those you are looking for. For instance, if you are using Google search to locate a particular person named Joe Bloggs, you may be faced with over a million Joe Bloggs. This can waste time and effort, but Profiles In Search will immediately generate an image and profile of a fellow Google+ user in your area. This personalized profile prediction can be done for finding friends or any Google+ users swiftly. This helps people find you and your business immediately.

People and Pages On Search Plus Your World

People and Pages are the final of the three tools created by Search Plus Your World. People and Pages will be completely useful for any individuals who maintain hobbies or enjoy certain things. When looking on the Internet and Google for specific topics on things such as sports, music and entertainment, you can expect to get a list of commonly discussed topics in these areas from appropriate people who have the same interests as you.

An easy interface allows you to connect and join circles with other Google+ users who hold the same interests as you. What’s even better about implementing Search Plus Your World into your daily Internet searches is the fact that in the event you want to remove your personalized view, you can do so promptly. Search Plus Your World is the newly established option for Google+ users to try out as a way of learning what they want to know, in their area of the world. It's ideal for businesses who are looking to make a mark in ranking and to enjoy enhanced online visibility.


February 28, 2012

When developing one’s online marketing strategies it’s tempting to stick to a handful of social media sites rather than diversify to really bolster enhanced online visibility.  Rather than sticking with what is comfortable we challenge everyone to step outside their comfort zone and experiment with new types of social media.  One social media tool that too many people tend to avoid when trying to improve their enhanced online visibility is Google+. Although they may be the new kid on the block there are a lot of benefits to using Google that Facebook and Twitter just don’t offer.

For starters, Google+ has a great way to share information, just a little different from its competition.  That difference is huge though when trying to network with a world of people most of them unknown.  Simply put, anyone on Google+ can share a post from anyone else.  This is a great way not only to pass on valuable and interesting information to one’s own circles of friends (great for enhanced online visibility), but also create new relationships with those from whom the information is originated.

When sharing an interesting post there are a few rules to follow. First, always add a new and original title and introduction.  Included in the introduction should be a teaser about the information like a quote or simple bullet points.  Also, one should always give credit to the person who posted the information originally.  By first placing a plus sign (+) directly in front of their name Google+ will add a link to their profile and notify them of the share. It might seem like a little thing to do but flattery will get one everywhere, as they say.  Getting on the radar of important movers and shakers in one’s industry is priceless for building one’s enhanced online visibility and Google+ now makes that much more likely to happen.

Before one shares just anything they may want to create a circle of people who routinely right interesting things related to one’s own industry.  This will simplify the process of acquiring information that is relevant.  One can also ask for recommendations for those quality people from their trusted Google+ friends.  Again, flattery goes a long way.

While there is no sure-fire way to guarantee success with social media within a larger online marketing campaign with a focus on enhanced online visibility diversifying is always a good place to start.  With Facebook and Twitter getting so much attention it’s easy to overlook Google+ even though their numbers are growing quite impressive.  Building an enhanced online visibility takes time and patience plus a lot of networking.  Google+ now makes that networking easier than ever before making the sought after enhanced online visibility closer to becoming a reality.


December 22, 2011

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity for your small business to promote your product or service while simultaneously creating an enhanced online visibility.  Primarily this can be done through social media but with smart use of your website the same results can be seen.  People love to broadcast their lives to their many friends on social media.  Taking advantage of that and promoting the behavior with a subtle nod to your product or service is a quick way to get word of your company out to the masses.

Enhanced Online Visibility through Updates

People love to update their profiles as to their location especially during the holidays.  This is a great opportunity for businesses to get promoted through the best way possible – word of mouth.  Retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses should utilize this behavior and place subtle reminders around a store suggesting customers update their status.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and Adds Enhanced Online Visibility

Just like your customers your business should update social media accounts with pictures.  If your store has a beautifully decorated display window dressed up for the holidays or new merchandise, by all means, post good pictures on your social media accounts!  This, along with a good enhanced online visibility marketing program will guarantee that more new customers walk through your doors or clicks on your website.

Holiday Packages Bring in the Customers

Everyone is looking for a deal around the holidays and your customers, and potential customers, are no different.  Creating holiday packages and then advertising them like crazy is a proven way to get new and existing customers coming your way.  One idea is to create a new holiday deal or package every day.  You can post it on all of your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - and include a link back to your website.  This takes a little extra time but the results are well worth it!

Regardless of what ongoing SEO marketing campaigns your business are engaged in during the year the holidays is an excellent opportunity to beef up sales and capture new customers.  With just a little planning and time devoted to the cause your company can transform the holidays into a customer-getting season.  Enhanced online visibility is about getting your company’s name out there.  Combining existing customers’ power to advertise through social media and holiday deals your company is bound to come out ahead.

December 20, 2011

Small and mid-sized companies are always looking for inexpensive ways to increase their online brand presence.  Thanks to social media that can be done with no more investment that the time required to create and maintain a social media profile.  Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social media scene for the last few years but might have a run for their money with Google’s introduction of Google+.  This newest social media experience easily facilitates a company’s growing online brand presence and is easy to do.

Online Brand Presence at the Heart of Social Media

In essence social media turns every one of their users into a brand.  The more a person interacts with others within the realm of that website the more prominent their brand becomes.  Smart companies have realized this and have jumped head first into the cultural phenomena.  By creating a profile for one’s company current customers, potential customers and everyone in between can keep tabs on the company’s doings and receive constant advertising. Most important to building an online brand presence, though, is the daily reminders all one’s customers will have of a company’s product or service.

The Benefits of Google+ when Creating Online Brand Presence

Unlike Facebook and Twitter Google+ marketed their social media site at an older, more professional audience.  Also, regardless of whether one really likes Google+ there is no denying there are certain perks to belonging.  First and foremost the Google machine loves itself and when building an online brand presence raising Google ranking is the best method.  Google+ does have some advantages to its program and many experts in online marketing have already began to maximize these features to build an online brand presence.

No matter what size a company may be it is a best practice to draw as much attention to one’s brand as possible.  When that attention is free, it’s even better!  Social media is a free way to build an online presence.  While it may be free it is expensive in time commitment.  To utilize social media sites like Google+ one must be prepared to update their sites regularly, respond to comments, engage in on-going conversations and constantly look for potential customers.  Companies who make the commitment to Google+ can see immediate and long-term rewards, most importantly an increased online brand presence as demonstrated in higher Google rankings.

November 17, 2011

This is the internet we’re talking about. The World Wide Web. Everything is interconnected and conjoined to provide information and data about you and your brand. You cannot separate your personal online persona from that of your brand, particularly if you are a small business owner looking to increase your online business.

Personal Brand Reputation

One of the most important things to do as a small business owner is to make sure that your personal social media profile is optimized. This could have a massive impact on how your company is positioned on the web and could be the tipping point that you are looking for to increase your online brand presence.

Authority and establishing yourself as an expert in your field could lead to a massive amount of traffic to your site. It is not just people or corporations selling gadgets that have to invest in social media and internet marketing. Professionals offering services within their community, need to invest in some serious personal branding to drive their business on the internet.

Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers – Are you a Professional?

Professional online brand management should be carried out by an expert. Your personal reputation as a professional is the only factor that you can truly use effectively to drive your business brand. The key to an authoritative personal and professional reputation on the internet is content.

Content Will ALWAYS be King for Online Brand Presence

As a professional a specific field, you’re expected to be able to deliver an opinion and offer advice on your field of specialty. Content and personal brand management could be the key to unlocking the door to increased clients and sales on the internet. The big search engines are always looking for expert content from professionals on different subjects and if you put your name to a piece of content, you have to make sure that it reflects your business, your profession and the services that you offer. Legal blogging and legal content writing are among the most specialized subjects on the internet. Are you prepared to leave your content to chance?

A piece of poorly written content could spell a reputation disaster. One of the aspects used in internet marketing is the management of your brand and your good name. If you have negative content and information on the World Wide Web about you or your brand you need to take steps to minimize the impact and negate the results. A professional online brand presence company could be the best choice for your personal and professional reputation.



September 27, 2011

With just over 43 million members, Google+ is still a minnow in the social media pond. It is however possibly the best way to establish an online brand presence faster and more effectively than ever before.

Having an online brand presence is essential for any business that is serious about doing business on the World Wide Web. While many companies are happy to have a website that is just a marker for their company name, other companies are taking their online brand presence very seriously. The rewards of online marketing, especially for small businesses, are immense. With constant work, and continual SEO tactics you can drive a huge amount of traffic to you website. That traffic is made up of people who are potential clients and customers. People who can be encouraged to buy your products and services. People who can affect your bottom line.

Why have an Online Brand Presence

Establishing a positive online brand presence is not just about establishing your brand. It is about establishing an online reputation within your market and on the internet as a whole. The very nature of the internet can make that difficult to control, which is why you need to make sure that your online reputation is working for you, not against you.

Google+ offers users the chance to put a personal face on their brand, and maintain a constant online brand presence using their new social network. The biggest advantage of Google+ is the ability to stream information to various sectors of your market.

Online Brand Presence and Selling

Conventional marketing companies have finally accepted that online marketing and branding is not a second place choice. While there will always be a place for conventional marketing, the power on the internet cannot be ignored. Businesses are reporting record sales figures using online brand presence and marketing as their first place marketing tool.

People need to feel that the internet can be trusted, which is why SEO and having an online brand presence is so important. Late adopters are inclined to buy only after they have established the bona fides of the company on the internet. That’s why reputation is so important. SEO is not just about great content and keywords. It is an integrated approach using highly specific techniques to establish a trusted online brand presence at the top of the market place.

Google+ may only have 43 million members so far, but most of that growth has been over a period of weeks, not months. Isn’t it time you explored your online brand identity with Google+.


September 22, 2011


Own your own social media identity
Managing your online brand presence is an important part of any business model. Not merely confined to marketing and SEO, your online brand presence could be the key to future growth, sales planning and increased productivity and profitability.

Your Online Brand Presence Data

Businesses need to start looking at their online brand presence as a way to gather information and accurate data about the way they are perceived in the marketplace. Many people look at SEO and online marketing as something that ‘has to be done’, but in reality it is an excellent tool that can be used in business planning.

If you can develop a keen sense of where you are right now, you are able to plan ahead and take advantage of trends, opportunities and avoid major pitfalls.

Crowdbooster, is just one software platform that allows you to monitor your social media following, and provide “detailed analytics across Facebook and Twitter” to allow business and marketing people a firm foundation for their planning.

Managing Your Online Brand Presence Is More Than a Status Update

Clever internet marketers realize the full potential of enhanced online visibility and online brand presence. It is not merely a matter of keeping people updated, but about actively engaging an audience of potential customers. Just look at the hundreds of millions of people around the world who use social media sites on a daily basis. Are you prepared to ignore them?

You need to be proactive instead of reactive. Lead trends, create opportunity and above all, listen to what your market is saying. Some businesses don’t even realize that there may be negative comment about their brand and business. Learning how to respond to a negative online reputation can boost your online brand presence.

Social media and business networking is not going away. Facebook, twitter and now the newly launched G+ from Google will grow and continue to affect and have an effect on the way that we do business. Managing your online reputation and online brand presence may become vital to the success of your business.



September 21, 2011


A new portal to increase your online brand presence has finally been released to the world. Savvy internet marketers and businesses have already tested the power of G+ and will be making use of the new social network to create more online brand presence for the products and services.With beta testing finished, Google opened their G+ social network to the world on 21 September 2011.

To date, the G+ admin have been quite strict on the use of G+ as a business tool but the worldwide launch will allow users to set up business pages and product pages. Although this has been tipped as possible competition for Facebook and Twitter, the two giants of social media, clever marketing people will think of it as another avenue to create online brand presence for the business.

Having an online brand presence is a vital part of marketing and the power of the internet should always be used. This is especially important for small business owners who don’t often have the resources and the time to invest in advertising on a large scale. The use of social media and business networks has been the saving grace of small and medium businesses in the recession.

If you create an effective online brand presence, it is possible to market your products and services to millions of potential customers without having to invest a huge amount of money.

Online Brand Presence: Keep Your Reputation Intact

It is not always easy to create an online brand presence using social media, and it is very important that you manage your online reputation as carefully as possible. If you are using your personal reputation to promote a business, you need to make very sure that everything you post on the internet is congruent with the services and products that you offer as a business. Managing your online reputation is a key area where businesses often struggle. Remember that everything that you post on social networks becomes part of the public domain. Be careful about what you post, blog or write about in case it has a detrimental effect on your business.

With G+ you are able to carefully position how you share posts and manage your online brand presence and reputation quite easily. Many small business owners are turning to professionals to ensure that their online brand presence is enhanced by their online reputation.

August 09, 2011


Social networks are real-time news platforms that are transforming the way journalists work. Many people have joined in exploring Google+ as a tool for public relations. Since it is relatively new, features of this social network have yet to be explored and media persons and public relations professionals are still looking for ways to enhance the information they are disseminating. The media has yet to see what Google+ has to offer. In fact, because Google+ is so new it is not yet clear who is on Google+ and what impact it can have on journalists. However, we have derived a few simple ways to capture the attention of Google+ users and media professionals that can help propel your Google+ persona.

Be Experimental
Some companies and organizations have decided to create new profiles, while others have simply adapted their existing profiles on other social networks. At this point, experimenting with new approaches allows companies and organizations to test the best possible features of each social network and choose what is most appealing to the audience that they have cultivated, or wish to cultivate, on the social network. 
Combining Your Online Identities
A good way to get a jump start with Google+ is to bring your Facebook activity into your Google+ account. It is also very easy to get information from your Twitter account and to transfer your contacts to Google+. Like Facebook, this makes it incredibly easy for you to jump start your online reputation and social networking in Google+ by integrating both accounts.  There are also many benefits to using Google+ over Facebook and Twitter. For example, a discussion that starts on Twitter can easily get off topic. However, on Google+ conversations can be more effective because of the way the social network is designed, making it a better tool for public relations and new dissemination.  
More Effective?

Public relations can be more effectively achieved through Google+ since interactions allow journalists to see many conversations related to different news worthy items in one place aggregating the content. This is much more effective than Facebook, which doesn't allow you to search for content across all streams, and is similar to Twitter but allows for more information about each user, making it a more detailed and robust platform for public relations.
Beyond Twitter and Facebook
Another not to be missed feature of Google+ is video chatting. This feature has created a whole new way for people to interact and manage their online reputations via social networks, especially since neither Twitter nor Facebook offer this capability. There have a been a number of new developments that have popped up thanks to this feature and it is taking social networking to a new level, making it just a small bit more personal.
Going from Personal to Professional Creates New Opportunities
Lastly, because Google+ is being used as a professional tool, many journalists are now moving from Facebook to Google+ -- giving them the ability to separate their personal lives and create personal-professional personas on Google+. This gives organizations and companies who want to capture journalist's attention the ability to know a little more about the journalists and target them more accurately. 

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