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January 19, 2010

We all work hard, day and night sometimes, to ensure the success of our businesses. We go way beyond the call of duty so as not to slip up and make any kind of regrettable mistake. And yet, there are countless examples of people exactly like this, who have managed to accumulate negative press now available for all to see online. No matter what the product or how good the business, all we really have to depend upon is our reputation.

So what is an online reputation and why is managing it so important? defines reputation management as "the process of tracking an entity's actions and other entities' opinions about those actions; reporting on those actions and opinions; and reacting to that report creating a feedback loop....."

When such opinions are viewed on the internet, it is clear that the widest possible audience can be reached at the click of a button, and one's reputation can be irreversibly damaged in seconds. As the internet is the number one tool used worldwide: be it for information or transactional purposes, the user relies upon the top search engines for accurate and current data, usually depending on results shown on the first page.

It is therefore more important then ever before to manage your online image. Cyberspace is rife with negative bloggers among others and if their content is managed properly, defamatory comments can rise to the top of the search engine results thereby ruining their subject.

On a more optimistic note, LookupPage can help you improve your online image, or as we like to call it, your "Google CV". As we highlighted before, the most important factors in search engine optimization (SEO) is content and links. While you are in charge of the content, LookupPage is responsible for the links. Using our advanced SEO techniques developed by top professionals who know exactly which content to promote and how, you can benefit from first page ranking on all major search engines under domain names bought especially for you, pushing negative comments to lower pages. To start benefiting from our expertise, upgrade to our plan for professionals and follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign into your account (or create a new one).
  2. Click the "My Account" tab.
  3. Click the "Upgrade / Renew your subscription" link.
  4. Chose the "Pro" package and purchase.

We look forward to helping you manage your online image and reputation to ensure a safer and fully enriched online future.

January 06, 2010

Marketing Yourself Online While Job Searching With the grim economical news coming from Dubai, the job market continues to be a difficult one. The latest collapse of what seemed to be a thriving economy would undoubtedly result in significant job loss, as corporate restructuring will go into affect.

Maintaining a strong Google CV is not only important for one’s online reputation but it can also be a helpful tool when applying for a new job. It has become considerably easier and faster for employees to “Google” someone than to pick up a phone and ask for recommendations.Professionals who maintain a positive business image online would have an easier time impressing prospective employers than people who do not have any web presence at all.

A recent survey by Harris Interactive for shows that researching of potential candidates on social networks by managers and human resource staff, has doubled in the past year alone. A social network such as LinkedIn or a guaranteed visibility online tool such as LookupPage can rank extremely well on search engines and provide an additional positive result when a job applicant is being searched online by an employer.

Creating a LookupPage that highlights the attributes of a candidate as well as provides links to online reports, pictures and recommendation letters can make the difference between being called back for an interview and being looked over. Another advantage of creating an online resume is that it can be accessed at any time of day and from just about anywhere. Finally, LookupPage Pro users receive a unique domain name as well as comprehensive user statistics about who has been searching for them online. This is without a doubt a great online tool for job seekers!

December 17, 2009

Wordpress  If you follow several blogs or even read a blog post every now and then there is a good chance that Wordpress was used in the process of publishing the content you are reading. Wordpress is an open source blog publishing application that is being used on more than 202 million websites around the world. People love to voice their opinions and one way to do that online is by blogging. When it comes to establishing an online presence, a sure fire way to get a Google ranking for your name would be to keep a blog.

The main reason people are drawn to use Wordpress for their blog is the simplicity of use that it offers. Another element that is taken into consideration with Wordpress is how big and popular it has become. Bloggers are interested in improved SEO – search engine optimization for their content. More traffic could mean money in their pocket from the sales of ads or simply the satisfaction of knowing that more people in cyberspace are connecting with what you have to say. 

Google bots are not in the business of missing new and fresh content so Google will not overlook a platform used by millions of users provided unique content is added to each blog on a regular basis. In other words, when people create a web site out of thin air they are often required to submit the site to Google for indexing. This is not necessary when creating a new blog on Wordpress. Google bots will index a new Wordpress blog because it was created on Wordpress and will continue to do so as long as new content is posted frequently. 

Google strives to find the most relevant content possible for every search. This also means that the search engine bots are looking for different types of content. We all receive video and image results for our queries for a reason, people actually clicking on them; otherwise Google would not be presenting them at all. Because Google is looking for anything relevant, it is taking into consideration just about any type of file in cyberspace as long as it relevant to the search query. Blogs in general are very relevant. They are often personal and are updated on a regular basis. A WordPress blog has the potential of ranking extremely high in a person’s Google CV  provided the blog is updated frequently.

November 18, 2009

LookupPage is proud to announce that over 20,000 businesses are now listed on the LookupPage Business Directory. LookupPage allows professionals and businesses to create at no cost, a positive result on search engines that can rank well and provide valuable external links to any website they wish to promote.
The fact that people are searching online for just about everything they need, leads to more businesses competing for web visibility. Online businesses are investing time, effort and money in achieving optimal search engine rankings for their business name because they understand that search engine ranking can dramatically effect the amount of business they will receive. LookupPage is a great tool for establishing a positive search result for businesses and professionals. That is precisely the reason they choose to list themselves on our business directory.

If you do not have a LookupPage for your business, you can easily create one following these steps:

  1. Go to the LookupPage homepage at
  2. Enter an email address and a password in the right-end signup box.
  3. Select "I'd like a business page".
  4. Enter your business and personal name.

In less than a minute your profile will be up and running. At this point all you have to do is add a logo or additional information to your profile so people will know more about your business and why you are great at what you do!

If you are interested in guaranteed first page ranking on Google for your business, you should consider LookupPage Pro. An excellent example of a Premium business page is .We encourage you to Google "Oxford car service" so you could see what LookupPage Pro can do to the web visibility of your business.

What are the benefits of upgrading to LookupPage Pro?

  1. Your business, products and services information promoted across all leading search engines with guaranteed visibility on the first page of Google!
  2. Comprehensive visitors' analysis and user information - know when your business is being searched, from where and by whom.
  3. Unique domain name [ - or similar]
  4. Advertisement free interface and much more.

How do I upgrade to LookupPage Pro ?

  1. Sign into your account at
  2. Click the "My Account" tab.
  3. Click the "Upgrade / Renew your subscription" link.
  4. Chose the "Pro" package and purchase.


November 10, 2009

Teenagers now days establish an online presence at a young age. The social media outlets through which young people communicate online keep changing with time. Five years ago Myspace was extremely popular, and five years from today, Facebook may not be as powerful as it is today.

Social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn allow people to interact with each other but at the same time, they also play a major role in establishing people’s online presence. Chances are that if someone does not have a website or a blog under their name, this person’s Google CV will begin with his or her social media profile.

Social media profiles for the purpose of online reputation management (ORM)

Search engines index social media tools often and tend to rank these results high, leading professionals who are trying to establish or improve their online reputation to create informative profiles with links to additional profiles. Links between positive results can improve a search results significantly if they are created with care. Using anchor text to create a link between two profiles will generate better results than using a generic term after all the idea is to create a content cloud in which a search engine robot can derive several positive results for the same brand, business or person when searching for it online. This is one form of SEO for a personal branding.

Social media profiles for generating business leads

Facebook Fan pages and business Twitter accounts are two examples of social media tools that are meant to increase the probability of generating business leads. Wefollow allows every Twitter user to list themselves under five professional categories making users a part of yet another online directory that people can search through and where businesses strive to be in the top ranking. Linking a Facebook Fan page, a Twitter account and any other social media profile to your business, professional or LookupPage site where people can learn more about your professional portfolio, can surly enhance the chances of generating valid business leads.

Social media profiles for job search 

In addition to a solid resume, an applicant can improve his or her chances of getting a job by creating favorable results when being searched online by a potential employer. Many employers Google their applicants as an initial background check as it is free and takes very little time. Social media tools such as LookupPage and LinkedIn in can assist in creating an online resume that not only ranks well but also provides links to letters of reference, reports, designs and photographs.  

October 21, 2009

In a recent blog post on the official Google blog, a blogger was addressing her issues with a photo of that she does not like and that has been posted online years ago and now comes up on image search for her name. We recently addressed how to remove embarrassing images from Google search, and what we suggested is in line with what Google is offering.

The blogger who was writing the piece and discussing what is essentially an online reputation problem is a Google employee . What is unique about the situation is that up to this point, Google did not officially discuss their policy with regards to people proactively handling and improving their reputation on the web. This is news because no one outside of Google really knew where they stood on the issue of online reputation management.

Google essentially says that if a professional or a business cannot have a negative result removed by contacting the webmaster of the site or appeasing a disgruntled client that wishes to harm the reputation of the business, then he or she should create positive results on the web for themselves. These results would come up on search and eventually (and hopefully) will cause the negative result to rank lower.

In the past, we have discussed many ways in which businesses and professionals can achieve better web visibility and control their Google CV. Google is reinforcing these ideas by telling people to be proactive when it comes to their online image. Google recommends countering negative results with positive ones. Some of the reputation tips include asking satisfied customers to reply to negative criticism online and creating an online profile with links to a company website over all improving the ranking for both results.  LookupPage is a great option for improving the web visibility of a professional or a business, and you can check out the LookupPage premium solutions which guarantee first page results on Google, the world’s most popular search engine.

October 15, 2009

In online branding, we spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to send the right message. It is imperative for both businesses and professionals to position themselves online as an authority in their field of choice. When attempting to establish credibility online we often focus more on content and less on the very first impression we make. When executives need to choose one professional over another and the candidates are not physically in front of them, they often go back to each candidate's Google results in order to compare and contrast.

An appropriate photo, along with a business logo, contributes significantly to the first impression that is made over the internet. When researching a professional on the web people initially look for an image and a short bio. The fact of the matter is that a picture is worth a thousands words and in the world of online branding it is no different.

A professional image should be exactly that, a photo, preferably a headshot that is fitting for the profession. The idea is for the picture to present the subject in a natural and confident manner. This image is important because it will be associated with any interaction the professional will be making online.

In addition to a professional photo, a business logo is essential because it is an additional visual aid that helps formulate a professional image. An enhanced profile that has both a professional photo and a logo looks more professional and is more likely to create a positive response. Not including a business logo on a professional profile can be perceived as lack of attention to detail, equivalent to a business card with no logo. Ehud Furman's LookupPage is a great example of a page that has both a professional photo and a business logo.

LookupPage Pro subscribers have the distinct advantage of presenting a professional photo and a business logo on their LookupPage. Pro members also enjoy top rankings on the LookupPage Directory where their logo shows up as well, increasing their traffic significantly.

To update your professional image and upload a business logo:

  1. Signup / Login to your account
  2. For uploading a professional image, click update "My Personal Details". 
  3. For uploading a business logo, click update "My Business details". 
  4. Choose a file to upload and click save. 

If you are a Pro user, add a link to your business website which will be associated with your business logo. 

September 23, 2009

LookupPage Statistics Page

We all know that having a LookupPage enhances the online visibility of businesses and professionals. Premium subscribers have access to comprehensive analysis that allows them to monitor when and how many views their LookupPage receives as well as other valuable metrics. The statistics tool can determine what country, city and IP address the search originated from as well as what the search term was. It can also indicate what website or search engine referred the traffic over to the respective LookupPage. 

This data is vital for anyone who is trying to improve the online visibility of a business or a brand since it can determine where the interest originates. This is beneficial because targeting becomes cheaper and more effective as a result of focusing a campaign at a smaller more engaged audience. Leads and conversions are easier to track with LookupPage statistics; once again providing the decision makers with data that will help determine a marketing approach in the future. The LookupPage statistic tool is effective because it allows users to make decisions based on actual metrics. 

Free LookupPage subscribers are welcome to view their statistics up to 3 times at no cost, so if you have not yet tried LookupPage statistics we encourage you to have a look at this useful feature. In order to view your statistics all you have to do is login to LookupPage and click on the view statistics button.

LookupPage Basic and Professional users enjoy unlimited access to the statistics tool. Upgrade your account today so you can benefit from it as well!

August 18, 2009

The word "cloud computing" gets thrown around quite often these days, but in the case of establishing an online presence a cloud of relevant and precise information about our brand is exactly what we are trying to achieve.

Let's have a look at two online services in which you can create online profiles, and how linking the two profiles can improve search engine results. By linking a LookupPage of a business or a professional with a LinkedIn profile, a user is not only making life easier for customers and establishing credibility amongst them, but a correlation is created between the two pages in the eyes of search engines as well. Linking the profiles together increases the probability that the search engine robot will bundle the two profiles for future searches.

Creating a cloud that binds together different online profiles of a professional, a business, or a brand could dramatically improve the Google CV of that entity.

When creating links between profiles what should you be paying attention to?

1. Not all online profile tools are created equal; some online profile tools limit the amount of effective links each profile can create making the additional links nofollow links. For example, a profile created on LinkedIn can have up to 3 links that the search engine robot will take into consideration. LookupPage does not limit the amount of follow links each profile is allowed to have. The practice of not allowing follow links is fairly common; Wikipedia does not allow follow links as it is a user generated content website. Allowing follow links would jam up Wikipedia with a significant amount of spam.

2. Because links are often limited, it is imperative to get the most out of every link you create. Using anchor text [the visible clickable text in a hyperlink] as opposed to just adding the URL of a profile is crucial. Creating anchor text is a way of telling the search engine robot to associate the text [whether it's a name of a brand or a characteristic you wish to promote] with the URL of the profile that is being submitted.

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April 21, 2009


When it comes to getting you noticed on Google's first organic results page, i.e., your Google CV, LookupPage gets the job done. To reveal its effectiveness, we randomly sampled ten percent of LookupPage $7.95/month Pro users on April 14, 2009. We found out that 91% of their pages ranked in the top 10 search results on Google, for searches on their name. But here's the real kicker: 73% rank on the top 3 results and 52% rank #1 for searches on their name. The above ranking results together with the complementary sponsored listing included in the premium memberships, results in higher traffic - For every visit to a free LookupPage, Premium members average 30 visits. How's that for results!

To learn more about LookupPage premium services, visit our products pages.

Ranking this high isn't as simple as signing up for LookupPage Pro and waiting for the results to happen automatically. On LookupPage, content = higher ranking. LookupPage premium members' pages are on average much more complete and up-to-date than free members' pages. For example, 75% of premium members have updated their about info in the personal details section, compared to 26% of free users. Regardless of your membership type, the more content you add to your profile the more you improve the chances of being visible on search engines.

To update your LookupPage, login to account here. If you are a new user, you can sign up an account here.

July 23, 2008

Last week LookupPage was covered by TechCrunch FR ( Here are some highlights from this post (in French):

Le site lookupPage a lancé cette semaine une nouvelle version en ligne. Lookuppage, créé il y a quelques mois déjà, s’attaque, au domaine particulièrement compétitif du contrôle de la réputation en ligne. L’idée est de proposer un outil simple qui vous permet de créer une sorte de page perso où vous gérerez le contenu vous concernant et que vous souhaitez voir apparaître en ligne; En quelques clics et via un éditeur texte, vous voila muni d’un type de CV en ligne, un peu moins formel.

LookupPage, comme pas mal d’autres services dans ce secteur ( Naimz par exemple) part d’un constat simple: si quelqu’un “vous Google”, comment s’assurer que les informations présentées soient exactement celles qui vous conviennent? avant un rendez vous d’affaire ou avant un entretien d’embauche, par exemple.

LookupPage a choisi l’ultra simplicité; une page avec un contenu de base et un outil de statistiques pour analyser les visites sur votre page. Cette simplicité est la force et la faiblesse du site; un atout pour les personnes les moins concernées par Internet ou les “moins Geeks” qui veulent contrôler leur réputation le plus simplement du monde et une frustration pour ceux qui désirent un outil plus sophistiqué avec plus de fonctionnalités; en effet, à la différence d’autres sites comme Ziki ou DoyuouBuzz, pas de possibilité de lier vers LinkedIn ou de syndiquer toutes vos activités sur le web ni non plus de flux d’activités ou d’outils de personnalisation; et pas de réseau social en vue. Lookuppage souhaite offrir un outil simple et pas si web 2.0 que cela.

Enjoy :)

The LookupPage Team.

April 15, 2008

Just when you thought you knew best how to promote yourself on the web – you hear the following riddle: What do you know that he knows that she already knows which has already been known to everyone? While that may sound a bit perplexed, it represents a growing truth of how information is spread on the web by word-of-mouth.  Most of us do not bother to concern ourselves with information that does not necessarily pertain to us, on a personal or professional level.  But what happens when information about you on the web is presented in a way that makes you start thinking of how others perceive you.

Considering the fact that the second most popular search criterion on the web is searching for a person’s professional background (Pew Internet American Life Project) – it may get some people thinking that it’s time to create a web presence for themselves.

It doesn’t take long to conclude that creating a web presence for yourself is something of necessity to ensure your professional growth, your business success, and taking action to represent yourself accurately on the web. The challenge is to find something unique and innovative the tackles all of the following issues:

  • You want people to find you when they search your name on the web
  • You want to manage the information people see about you
  • You want to create a strong and professional online presence for your name

With all of that said – there is really on one place to make the most of your name, and that place is LookupPage.  We understand the challenges of promoting your name online, and that’s why we take it very seriously.  Our motto is clear:  At LookupPage it’s really all about you and giving you all the tools to promote yourself in one place, without having to rely on other networks or services.  Nothing is better than being your own boss – especially when the results are always positive.

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