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November 26, 2012


Enhanced Brand Visibility

StumbleUpon has a unique social media strategy for all business owners who want better online visibility and to rank even higher in search. The strategy is simple: StumbleUpon is an online engine scouring through web content and finding the best for its social media readers. The great thing about this website is that it will locate appropriate web pages for every specific user and their interests. This feature makes for great marketing and with a strategy like this in place, business owners can rank considerably higher on the search engines and enjoy more online visibility.

How To Use StumbleUpon For Better Brand Presence

You can start making use of social media outlets like StumbleUpon by creating a profile and including all of the relevant information that would intrigue other users of the site. Once you do this, consider getting the coding for a StumbleUpon badge. These badges can be conveniently added to your website, so that visitors can link to and from your social media account and your business website. This will enhance the possibility of you getting ‘stumbled upon’ and when this happens more and more people will be able to view your work. As time progresses, this can lead to much higher rankings on the major search engines.

Include Stumbleupon In Your Marketing Strategy

As important as your strategy of getting a StumbleUpon account will be, your content creation will be of no use unless you get a targeted team of followers. If you invest a certain amount of time each day into building the number of followers on your social media account, it is more likely that each unique visitor you get will be a worthwhile one. Promote your StumbleUpon account through forums, blog posts and other social media outlets. Each stumble from a fellow user will be beneficial and previously, single clicks on a post have resulted in 7,000 views in one day and over time, 43,000+ views in total according to  These views will make a difference in the height of your ranking.

Investment With StumbleUpon ‘Paid Discovery’

Never overlook an investment because if you make no investment whatsoever into your online brand strategy, you can guarantee that other business owners who are investing will be getting better results. StumpleUpon has a ‘Paid Discovery’ option on their website, which allows you to make a minor investment relating to how noticeable your posts are. Before you spend money on this as part of your marketing and online brand enhancement to boost the page ranking for your business website, ensure the posts you submit are of good quality. ‘Paid Discovery’ ads will allow you to be seen by larger audiences. The more people that see you, the more chance you have at getting ‘stumbled’ and clicked upon. Think about how good that could be for the success of your business.

Your social media strategy does not have to focus solely on StumbleUpon, because undoubtedly there are plenty of other strong sites that receive millions of visitors each day. StumbleUpon, however, is good for picking your content out on the search engines and ranking it higher, which is ideally what you want to transpire into conversions. For this reason, you should post links and information through your other social networking accounts as a way of alerting other interested users to visit your StumbleUpon account. This could almost double the amount of ‘stumbles’ you get and dramatically enhance your online visibility.


November 01, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility

Over 100 000 new domains and website are registered every day. That’s a lot of new competition on the World Wide Web, and getting just the right amount of enhanced online visibility is critical if you’re just starting out.

Enhanced Online Visibility For Small Businesses 

Smart businesses know that doing business on the internet can be a massive percentage of total business. The key to making money online is to have enhanced online visibility from the very start. Many businesses do not realize the massive potential of their products and services and often give up soon after they have started. Their website becomes a dusty shop window to the world and no one visits. It can be discouraging, but harnessing enhanced online visibility through good SEO is the key to small business success online.

What is SEO and how does it give me Enhanced Online Visibility?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique that is used to ensure that your website and brand is seen by as many people as possible. Creating an online brand presence is one of the tools of the SEO expert and it can be done in a number of ways:

  • Pre-optimization. Start as you mean to go on. Websites that have pre-optimized content stand a far better chance of being ranked than websites that look good. Choose an SEO professional to write your content. They have a good understanding of what is needed and how to work your content so that it looks good for Search Engines and users.
  • Use Social Media. Right from the start you need to establish an online brand presence by utilizing the giants of social media: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Having an active presence on social media sites can give you a massive amount of enhanced online visibility. You can drive traffic to your website in huge numbers if you use an SEO expert to handle your social media feeds.
  • Work your keywords. Make your keywords work for you. Being ranked on the first page of Google takes time and effort. You can’t do it by submitting your site to a few directories or going the way of trying to manipulate the search engine algorithms. Fact of the matter is: You Can’t! Rather start your online brand presence the right way, focus on keywords that bring traffic to your site. Ask an SEO professional to find you keywords that will send potential customers and clients to your site immediately.
  • Use the tools of the SEO gurus to maintain enhanced online visibility. Having a blog is just as important as having a website. Great content makes fantastic websites that really SELL.


Using reliable and trusted techniques with SEO you create a buzz around your new website, and your products. You can create valuable links, and raise your ranking and enjoy enhanced online visibility in just a few months

August 08, 2012

Affiliate Marketing
You need to harness every aspect of internet marketing when you're trying to boost your online brand presence. Many people have heard about affiliate marketing, but not everyone understands how it works. Wikipedia defines it as “a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.” Essentially, you’re able to earn money with an affiliate marketing business by sharing unique links to other business’ websites. the most important part though, is that you're able to forge links with other businesses.

There are several ways to use affiliate marketing to help you improve your online visibility. The most common affiliate marketing business is created through a blog. You can create your own free blog account through services such as or Another option is to create your own unique website based on a specific topic. If you're using a blog to help increase your online brand presence you need to make sure that the content is interesting and informative.

Think about a topic that interests you (health and fitness, nutrition, funny stories about your kids, cooking, etc.) and then start writing blog posts or articles about it. Next, you’ll want to create a following. The best way to do this is to share links to your blog posts or articles through Twitter, Facebook, or by posting comments on other blogs related to similar topics.

Another important consideration is related to what types of businesses and what specific links you feature. If your blog posts or articles are related to health and fitness, you’ll want to include links that interests the same people who are interested in health and fitness topics. So, in this instance, links related to gym memberships would be more appropriate than links to pet supplies. By featuring links related to your audience’s interests, you’ll receive more affiliate links and increased online brand presence.

Money Matters

You typically either get paid every time someone clicks on a particular link, or every time someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase. So, featuring the right links will increase the number of clicks from the members of your audience. One often overlooked aspect of affiliate marketing  and link building is trust. You need to create trust with your followers.

So, by acting as an expert on a specific topic, or generating good content that people want to share with friends and continue reading on a general basis, you begin to build trust with your audience. When your audience trusts you, they are more likely to click on offers or links featured on your page. Trust plays an important part in establishing credibility and increasing your online brand presence.




July 31, 2012


Social media

Social media is a strong tool that many internet marketers are now taking advantage of. With millions of people in the world now using social media platforms to communicate, there is no better way to promote your business and enjoy enhanced online visibility

The Role Of Social Media For Brand Promotion

Your social media marketing must be able to deliver quality content with a very fast turnaround time. The content must be original and meet the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards. Your internet marketing department must have a wide understanding of the search engines and how to implement keyword research, as a way of boosting the rank of content on the Internet. 

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and also bookmarking social media sites like LinkedIn and Digg, are now being used by business people and everyday individuals on a regular basis. These websites are ideal for promoting services because they reach a wide audience in a minimal amount of time. Social media for enhanced nline visibility is immediate. You can use social media to inform, promote, educate as well as respond and reply to you clients and potential customers. 

To ignore social media as a way of protecting and promoting your brand, or to diminish the effect of social media for business development will mean that you miss out on many valuable marketing avenues.

Whether a company is new to social media or trying to figure out what they have been doing wrong in regards to building their online brand presence, turning to Facebook is probably a good idea.  Facebook is free. Facebook is popular.  Facebook probably has your target customers already actively using it. You can use this channel to actively develop relationships with your target client base.

There are, however, some unofficial rules to Facebook posting that should be religiously followed by companies hoping to increase their online brand presence, not destroy their credibility.  Facebook users range in age, cultural background, interests and just about every other distinguishing factor.  Finding one’s target audience is a challenge, but once it is found a company has the opportunity to subtly (if done well) inject their brand and a need for their brand into the daily lives of that deep potential customer pool.


July 29, 2012

Online brand presence through SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and using SEO for online brand presence means that your information can be marketed more successfully and aimed at the customers who are really looking for what you have to offer.  SEO content for brand management is becoming increasingly precise, complex and targeted to allow for the increasing sophistication of search engines and a knowledgeable audience.

Good brand managment ensures that that your material is well placed in search engines. This not only gives the target audience a quick, definitive response to their search, but also, through the use of carefully placed words and phrases, offers your material to a wider audience.

Online Brand Presence For Reputation Management

Your online content covers a large amount of websites, articles, ezines, press releases and newsletters, using your website to produce content which will link back to your product and reinforce your site on search engines. Your online brand management team should also cover a variety of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and for target blogs which will further enhance your website’s visibility in searches by potential clients. The text for your site must be instantly appealing to your target audience as well as containing a high level of keywords for search optimisation and your content must be written with a careful attention to the tone and clarity of your website information. Taking the time to learn from you about the tone and audience for your site will allow you to create engaging content for enhanced online visibility.

We recommend the use of blogs and a full reputation management strategy that keeps your blog fresh, informative and active. Your should identify other blogs which are read and used by your target audience and use them to further market your material by the use of comments and cross links. Your blog postings should include links to Squidoo and Hubpage, as well as posting images which can also be tagged for search engine optimisation. Commenting on blogs is a very useful form of SEO for increased online brand presence and you should make thoughtful comments on your blog postings, or get a professional to write your blog content for you; research shows that target audiences can be won over or turned off by blog comments, and your aim is always to maximise your audience potential.

You should craft content specifically to attract more customers to your product, and to ensure it is seen by the widest audience, yet remais specific and focussed on what you can deliver.It will maximise your potential through its content and its specific keywords and phrases and by targeted cross links will raise your profile and optimise your online brand presence.


July 01, 2012

Online Brand Presence On Forums
Internet marketing for increased online brand presence does not have to be limited to website design and tweets.  Smart companies understand the value of forums and realize that there is no easier way to reach their target audience and increase online brand presence than by becoming actively engaged in forums.  Of course, there are a few rules to follow which make forum posting more difficult than typical internet marketing campaigns, but if it’s done right the reward is great.  Posting does not an overnight success make.  Making one’s product known in forums is part of an internet marketing process of recruiting new customers as well as maintaining current ones. 

Create Online Brand Presence In A Community

Forums are a very intimate form of internet marketing and if done improperly will cost a company potentially many customers.  No spamming is allowed.  Choose topics that pertain to a product and stay on topic.  This cannot be stressed enough! Shameless promotion of one’s product will only result in being banned. Forums can be a way to find specific audiences ripe for your product’s market and actively promote online brand presence.  Treat posts with care and consideration and remember that being involved in a forum is being involved in an online community.  Do not abuse that privilege.

Look Beyond The Obvious

Do not avoid forums that do not allow links.  Of course linking a product or website to every post is a great internet marketing strategy to promote one’s products, but there is more to gain in a post than getting a web address out there. By posting interesting information companies build credibility in their product. Look for ways to subtly promote a website.  Many forums allow a link in the signature. 

Do Internet Marketing Right From The Beginning

Forums can be a wonderful tool in a company’s internet marketing toolbox.  When done in the correct fashion new, informed customers are attracted to one’s website and product or service.  When not given the proper respect a company’s credibility is ruined, something most companies cannot afford to do.  If investing money in internet marketing companies should be really to commit 100% to see the full results.

Before one gives forum posting a chance, companies need to make sure they are able to devote the necessary time to properly integrate themselves into the forum.  By being productive and useful members leaving intelligent posts a need will be created for their product which will ensure increased online presence.


June 20, 2012

Enhanced online visibility
If you’re able to get people talking about a product on the internet, then the selling process is working and you will enjoy enhanced online visibility. Using social media services, internet sales and e-marketing is quite different from traditional forms of sales and marketing. In the first place, it is a global platform, and that means that you have to employ strategies that will cover the world. The best way to do this is by using the power of the written word. While it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is also just as true that one ‘tweet’ has the power to transform the world. Having that kind of power in a business could be one of the most important and powerful tools in the world. That said, it is vital that it is handled correctly so that the full impact and power can be harnessed for enhanced online visibility, to increase profits and future business growth.

Enhanced Online Visibility Through Social Media

The way to fully harness enhanced online visibility and the effectiveness of social media services is to make sure you work with people who have the technological and marketing skills. It's not enough to merely optimize your content; every part of your campaign needs to be directly targeted towards a niche market on a global platform. That takes quite a bit of skill. The reason that some businesses find that they are not making money on the internet is because they do not have the right levels of exposure on the world wide web, or the exposure that they have is not being targeted in the right direction to enjoy enhanced online visibility.

Using social media services in a business context is all about consistency and maintaining the correct ‘voice’ over a period of time.  it is important that companies give consistent customer interaction, and brand management so that the maximum amount of traffic can be generated through a website, which will increase sales ultimately. Internet consumers are becoming increasingly aware and choosy about the types of sites that they visit, and they will not just choose a product from the internet if they have no guarantee of its effectiveness in their lives. This is where the power of social media services and ehnaced brand management is so important.  By other interaction and community interaction the social proof a brand needs is slowly transferred.

When people talk about a product or a business, they are in fact giving that product an endorsement. Talk about free advertising! Your brand promotion should be used to promote and advertise products through this medium, playing on the strengths of the traditional word of mouth advertising that has been updated for a technological generation. 

It's only a matter of time before every business is mentioned in some light upon social media.  Without a community presence, a company cannot capitalize on the good, nor combat the bad. Powerful, effective and the best marketing strategy any business can use – online social media and Web 2.0 interaction is the e-marketing tool for the internet. When you learn how to harness the power of the web you will notice enhanced online visibility and increased brand awareness.


June 15, 2012


Businesses looking to compete on the World Wide Web need to have more than a Facebook page to drive their online brand presence. It has long been recognized that the power of social media marketing is an important part of any company who wants to position themselves as a major player on the internet.

Local Brand Presence With Global Results

Being a major player does not mean that you have to be a large corporation or a fortune 500 company either. Local business owners and professionals such as lawyers, dentists, vets and even plumbers have woken up to the idea that web marketing and focussed online branding is not only important, but vital even in the current economic climate and the vast abyss that is the internet.

Making the most of your website needs a dedicated effort in terms of your enhanced online visibility strategy and marketing, and one of the biggest tech companies in the world has invested billions of dollars to make sure that all business can use social media tools to their advantage.

IBM started their business division “Connections” which sells social media software back in 2007. Today, after massive amounts of development they have created a unique software tool that can be used internally or externally as part of a valuable social media marketing strategy.

Social Media and Analytics

The value of analytics and social media is only just beginning to be explored, but IBM looks set to be one of the first to successfully combine the two for the benefit of businesses across America. Analytics is data that is mined that can be used to track user trends, provide useful statistics or even to predict what will happen in the future. By having everyone online in your organization, you will be able to create a large reserve of data that can be used as part of your social media strategy.

Good Social Media Means You Think Before You Tweet

When it comes to small business owners, analytics could be the most important part of your social media marketing campaign. A good web consulting firm will not only be able to provide analytics for your business, but actively use the data that is mind to put a workable internet marketing strategy into place for your business. Each fragment of written and visual content that goes onto the World Wide Web must be based on empirical data, and a firm online brand presence strategy and not just the whim of your webmaster who knows a bit about social media.




June 10, 2012

Online brand presence
Does the humble Press Release have a role to play in your online brand presence? Today, the internet has become a modernized market place. Search engines own the topmost part of the internet pyramid and articles are being written to achieve high ranking status; one might think that there is no room for press releases on the internet; quite the contrary, today’s online press releases have become more integral and more important for bringing traffic to a company’s website. Not only are the press releases more fun and more interactive, because of the added animation, videos and colors, compared to the traditional press releases, but using the internet to promote press releases is much more beneficial to companies.

Use Your Press Release For Enhanced Online Visibility 

An online press release is in some ways similar to a traditional one but the addition of SEO for extra online brand presence is the way by which companies can convey information of recent events that are transpiring inside your company. Writing an SEO Press Release makes sure that more people see it. The important part is that it should be written in a way that makes it rank highly in the search engines through keywords and essential back links. With the use of press releases, you can create a back link from informative sites to your website, thereby increasing your ranking in the search engines. It can increase your visibility in blogs, news sites and RSS headlines. However, all these advantages can only be acquired if the writing of the press release is done correctly.

To be able to create an effective search engine optimization press release, here are a few tips to remember. The first is to know what keywords to use; keywords are the phrases typed in by users on various search engines when seeking information online. It is important to get these keywords correct to be able to focus your press release to the right audience and to get higher visibility on the website.

Technically, there are five parts of successful SEO press releases that focus on increased online brand presence. The first is the title, which should include the keyword phrase. The second is the summary, which gives a concise paragraph of what you’re talking about and typically consists of one or two sentences. The third is the body, which gives the recent happenings in your company that you want the readers to know about. The fourth part is two to three sentences that give the writer a chance to talk about the company; while the fifth part, the press contact, provides the contact information for your company.

The most important part of writing SEO press releases is to write something that the readers can relate to, meaning no highfalutin words and absolutely zero jargon. If you want to enjoy enhanced online visibility and an increased online brand presence you need to explore every avenue of internet marketing that you have available to you.




June 06, 2012

Social media

Can you use the new Facebook timeline for increased online brand presence on your business pages? For all the published benefits when utilized correctly, some companies are still hesitant about embracing all of the Facebook features that are available for business pages. One of the reasons that so many businesses outsource their social media content is the lack of traditional marketing awareness surrounding social networks and marketing. You cannot judge the importance or effect of a new application by user adoption levels.

Facebook Timeline For Business Pages – What Do You Get?

The changes and the new timeline give brands even more control about what is said and published on their pages. Great news for your online brand reputation drive. It also provides for much more user engagement and product branding possibilities. Whereas  once Facebook business pages used to look a little drab, now you can have a massive banner at the top of your Facebook timeline for business pages. It’s in your face, full color advertising for your brand. What more could you ask for from a network with over 500 million potential customers?

Enhanced Online Brand Presence Through Social Media

It's easy to see the advantages of brand promotions using Internet marketing promotions like surveys, contests, discounts and prizes. Social media service is not new and thousands of businesses, from multinationals to startup home businesses, have already profited from using networking sites, tweets, blogs, v-blogs to put their brand on the map. As previously noted, some companies have been slow to jump on the social media service bandwagon. A general concern is they couldn't control the message since the medium is too unpredictable compared to traditional advertising platforms. This unpredictability is too vulnerable to external influences and that's just a very high risk to take. It's easy to see where these companies are coming from because social networking sites have empowered the public to voice their own opinions.  Without filtering mechanisms, the power is prone to abuse.

Enhanced Online Visibility

Lost among the din is the fact that social media marketing is a platform with which to deliver your message. The latest changes introduced by Facebook provides companies more control over how they can deliver their message without compromising too much of the ability to interact with their customers. With the new Facebook timeline for business pages, information is not constrained by the shackles of a one-way exchange peddled by traditional advertising. The connection to the customer is almost instantaneous and the feedback is tracked in real time. No amount of money can substitute the feeling of customers that they have a stake in the company. Rather than be intimidated by the engagement allowed by the new Facebook timeline for business pages, companies instead should harness this new found closeness with their customers to promote an increased online brand presence.


April 05, 2012

When companies want an enhanced online visibility they often turn to social media which is a step in the right direction. Just having a presence on social media or creating a company blog is far from enough to get customers interested in your product.  Enhanced online visibility requires customers and potential customers along with other businesses to be actively viewing your site, engaging with you in conversations and sharing what you offer.  To do that you must follow these three core best practices.

Best Practices for Enhanced Online Visibility – Be creative

Doing what everyone else is doing definitely has its place but in the world of social media creativity definitely is the best way to be seen.  It’s comparable to the early days of television. Back then commercials were live and consisted mainly of a middle aged white guy holding a product and telling about how wonderful it was in thirty seconds or less.  To say the least television commercials have changed a bit in the last fifty years! Social media is about the same.  When sites like Facebook and Twitter were first born just being on the site was enough to improve enhanced online visibility, but now that everyone is on those same sites you must stand out from the crowd to be noticed.

Best Practices for Enhanced Online Visibility – Follow trends

Now that you understand the power of being bold and thinking outside the box it’s time to focus on trends. Thinking outside the box has its place and without someone doing just that innovations would never occur.  Trends, though, do have their place.  Through careful examination of your competitors within your niche, and even the top performing social media businesses, you can find trends in social media strategies and tools. Chances are if those trends work for their customers they will work for yours.  You don’t have to be a copycat to follow a trend. For instance if sweepstakes are all the rage, create one for your business.  That’s not stealing from a competitor; it’s just being business savvy.

Best Practices for Enhanced Online Visibility – Customers drive success

Without customers your enhanced online visibility would not exist.  Unlike traditional marketing endeavors social networks and blogs rely totally on customers to keep content moving amongst themselves.  If you stay humble and remember this law of social media you can begin to create content for your customers - not for the enlightenment of the masses to your brand.  Customers want comparisons. They want solutions (not necessarily products) to their problems.  Most of all they want relationships with businesses where their opinions matter.

March 23, 2012

In this new age of real-time social media dominating customers’ time it is no surprise that using customer service to increase online brand presence is a natural step to take your companies online marketing.  My grandfather used to tell me, “If you’re going to do something do it right the first time.” I’d like to think that all companies strive to do just that with their products or services.  Word of mouth has always been the best marketing strategy for any size business in any industry and those businesses devoted to ‘doing it right’ have a great many customers because of that. 

Social media is a new, digital form of word of mouth.  Now that a large majority of businesses (especially your competitors) have a presence on social media standing out becomes more important than ever for building online brand presence.  Customer service is still the answer just in different ways.

First, your business has to demonstrate it cares about your customers.  Online brand presence isn’t built by caring that your customers buy your products but rather that you care about them wholly.  Social media and blogs give a venue for your company to show they really care.  Helpful blogs that answer questions or explain new ways to use products or services are a good place to begin.  Having employees respond to comments quickly and carefully is another good social media strategy.  With social media the sky is the limit in how much customer service you can provide.

When actively building online brand presence your customers must be engaged in conversations about your brand on social media sites.  Providing excellent customers service is how to make this happen.  All employees working with social media in any way in your business must be made aware of the importance of customer service to make sure that there are no weak links in the company chain.

Many businesses fear the negative comment and its effect on online brand presence. Customer service is the only way to combat the inevitable negative comment.  When you respond quickly and politely to a customer unhappy with your brand you show your community that you really care and are willing to fix any mistakes or do whatever it takes to solve the problem.  That is the kind of customer service that creates online brand presence.

Long before the internet smart business owners realized the value of great customer service.  Even though there are far more online stores and far less brick and mortar stores the need for customer service has not diminished one bit. No matter what your online marketing goals may be you must remember that using customer service to build online brand presence was, and still is, the first strategy that equals success.

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